Why Investigating the Paranormal is NOT a Good Idea


I have always believed in ghosts.  I had many friends and relatives that saw them and felt them.  These were people I trusted, who had no reason to lie to me.  I felt their presence as well, which explained why I was terrified of the dark as a child.  Nothing is more unsettling than going to sleep and feeling watched or like you’re not alone.

I used to watch a lot of paranormal shows like A Haunting. What a terrifying show.  Every ghost is evil and out to get you.  Let’s get some facts straight about ghosts, from someone who can feel, hear and see them (me).

For clarifying purposes, I define ghosts as spirits that used to be alive in a body on Earth.  They then passed away but didn’t realize they died or they refused to move on.  In general, spirits should see a light or a lighted tunnel that transports them to the Other Side or Heaven, if that’s what you call it (I call it both).  But, many spirits do not see it. There are many reasons for this, but usually because they were so attached to their bodily life they literally can not see it.  Or they may have died unexpectedly or tragically on Earth and therefore do not want to leave or don’t know how to.  
This may seem surprising to you, that spirits can’t find their way, but the proof is all the hauntings that exist today.  

It’s a fact, ghosts exist.  That’s why I think it’s laughable that paranormal groups investigate them.

  1. Ghosts are not bad per say.  Most ghosts I encounter are simply lost or confused or both.  If a ghost is negative, it will feed off negative energy, like fear.  Your fear will actually make it stronger.  So it’s important not to be scared.  
  2. Ghosts have limited abilities.  Ghosts are in a different dimension than us.  They have to really change their vibration to communicate with us or give us signs. They can do things like touch you, change the temperature in the room, speak, move objects, emit smells, mess with electronics and lights etc.  But that’s all.  
  3. If you believe ghosts can hurt you, they can.  I am not contradicting myself from fact #2 above.  Your belief is powerful, if you believe a ghost can hurt you, then it can.  So don’t believe it.  

Once I started understanding ghosts and spirits in general, I started to dislike the whole investigation of them.  It’s like, we already know they exist, why are you messing with them?  
A ghost exists because it is lost or it refuses to leave Earth. These ghosts need our help, not an investigation!  Sure, maybe the homeowner wants to find out if it actually is a ghost, but I don’t think a paranormal investigator can tell the difference among a ghost, leftover energetic imprint, or a doppleganger from another dimension etc.  The only person who can tell the difference is a medium.  

If you don’t have a medium as part of a paranormal investigative group, then you are playing with fire because you are literally going in blind.  You have no way of knowing who you are dealing with because paranormal investigators can’t communicate with ghosts.  Sure they might get an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) on tape but that’s not a two way conversation!

Also, you go into a paranormal investigation unprotected. Mediums, like me, know how to protect themselves.  I have built up my aura like a shield and I constantly shield myself, including every evening before I go to sleep.  A medium friend of mine has a friend who likes to ghost hunt.  The ghosts that she investigates end up attaching to her or following her home. This can cause a myriad of problems as you can imagine.  I say leave well enough alone if you don’t know what you are doing.  

I would happily participate in a paranormal investigation if it was understood that I could assist all of these ghosts into the light.  In fact, you would have a hard time getting me to stop. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners, believe or not, want these ghosts around or business owners believe it brings them business (and it sadly does).  Woe to that business owner if I ever encounter one in their place of business!  I would quickly do the right thing and move them into the light.

So in, the end, don’t mess with ghosts or investigate them. They are not there for your entertainment.  They used to be somebody’s beloved and they have lost their way to the light. The best thing you can do is find a competent medium to move them on.

If you think you might have a ghost in your home or business and want to clear them home, email me at [email protected]