512: A Story of a Repeating Number


Here’s my personal story of a repeating number that I’ve seen for over two years now.  Over time I have learned what this number means, a la the way the Universe works, in bits and pieces. 

In March 2014, I had a dream that I purchased a beach home in the Virginia beach area.  The mortgage was really cheap, $251 a month.  The house was furnished but with outdated furniture.  There was a couple with a young girl renting out an extra room in the house.  Knowing that this number was significant, I looked up the meaning of the number which means keep my thoughts positive.

Over the next couple of years I saw this number constantly and all its variations: 251, 512 and 152 etc.

I had no idea what it meant, but I knew it meant something because I kept seeing these numbers over and over again.  
Church of St. Sulpice, Paris Pieta with Mary MagdaleneIn January 2016, I had an astrological reading.  I was told that I had the Jesus and Mary Magdalene marker on my astrological chart.  This means that I was closely associated with them during their lifetimes (not necessarily blood-related although I was…I was a cousin who was a part of the Order of Marys). 

In March 2016, I started reading Gloria Amendola’s books on Mary Magdalene.  What I learned BLEW MY MIND. 

“Gematria [similar to numerology] was to encode sacred texts…American Author Margaret Starbird…learn[ed] of Mary Magdalene’s number code based on her gematria in the New Testament…used in both Hebrew and Greek…if you named someone a specific name…you carry the energy of the cosmic principle in the number ascribed to the name. All the Mary’s in the New Testament—specifically Maria—add up to 152…but the epithet of Mary Magdalene is 153.” [Source: Mary Magdalene: Revelations from a First Century Avatar (Book 1) by Gloria Amendola.]

Not only the number was a representation of her and the Order of Mary’s but her nickname was Miriam.  Miriam is the name of my spirit guide!  That’s not all…my mother and sister’s names are Maria and my birth middle name is Marie!

So clearly, the Mary’s, who include Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, were trying to get my attention!

A few months later in a guided meditation, I was on a bridge ready to meet a loving being with a message for me.  It was Mary Magdalene wearing her red veil.  She said to me, “Go to France and connect with you roots.”  Knowing that I have the astrological marker, I am making plans for my trip to France next year. 

So, it took several years for me to realize what those numbers meant…if you have a specific number you are seeing or repeating numbers, take note of it.  Write down your dreams that have anything to do with it…you may end up with a story like mine…

To be continued in 2017…