Do You Want World Peace? Eight Ways to Start Working Toward Peace NOW


The past year has been a tough one for the US, especially for those who believe in equality for all.  Now we have a President elect that is openly against these values and a lot of us are upset.  Really upset. 

I get it.

As a healer, I try to get behind the scenes of it all and figure out why is this happening collectively to us?  Why now? 

I’m not sure I have the answer yet.  But I do know that the election has served as a big wake up call to many of us.  Perhaps we underestimated the misery of many people, or even their desperation.  Or their need to blame someone else for their problems, anyone.  Or maybe they simply want revenge?

Anyway, it’s exhausting to try to figure out people’s agendas.  This is what I do know.  If we are going to achieve any kind of peace we have to start accepting each other for our differences.  I advise the following:

  1. Do not try to convince other people of your beliefs.  We have to stop this NOW.  This is rampant in the US.  Everyone is trying to convince (or even bully) others into believing in their religion, their politics, their lifestyle is the way to go.  THIS IS A BIG WASTE OF TIME.  We are a diverse country in a diverse world.  We all look, act and feel differently about topics.  Accept that others are different from you and move on. 
  2. Accept others.  This is a big one.  That person looks different and acts differently than you and that’s OK.  Really it is.  Difference doesn’t have to be threatening.  Let people live their lives, don’t interfere unless it’s for their safety.  Even then, ask them first.  Free will is a universal truth here on Earth.  If they don’t want your help you can’t make them accept it. 
  3. Stop judging others.  This is a part of acceptance.  Stop believing that you are separate from everyone around because you are not.  This is an illusion.  We are all connected especially on an energetic level.  What you do and say affects you and comes back to you.  If you judge, you will be judged.  It’s like a vicious circle.  This can stop with you.  Don’t believe that you are better than anyone else because you’re not. Many privileged or affluent people start believing they are better than others, they work harder, they’re smarter etc.  The proof is they have more money.  Well this can change in a heartbeat.
  4. Be empathetic.  Having empathy means that you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand how they feel.  Most of the bullying that’s occurring in this country is the result of the inability to empathize with another.  How would you feel if someone said something mean to you?  Put you down?  Made fun of the way you looked?  If it would make you feel bad, and I am sure you it would, don’t do that to someone else. 
  5. Be compassionate.  In order to be compassionate, you need to accept and empathize with others.  Don’t judge people who are going through hard times.  Figure out to help them.  Make the situation better, and at the very least don’t make it worse.
  6. Stand up for yourself and others.  This a biggy.  This is not the time to be silent.  If you see someone people hurt or bullied.  Speak up.  Do something.  Don’t walk away.  Simply saying something may stop a bully in their tracks.  A bully thrives on silence because no one has to encourage to stand up to them. 
  7. Forgive.  People say and do ugly things when their angry.  And they actually don’t mean it.  If you encounter someone who has done this and expresses remorse, forgive them.  A lot of things people say are not written in stone.  People change their minds.  People do evolve. 
  8. Take Action.  A lot of us are upset and still venting on Facebook and other venues.  Do that but it’s time to start releasing and letting go of the anger now.  Anger is only productive if it’s coupled with action.  Do something, volunteer, donate to a charity, get to know your neighbors, help others.  Don’t stay in anger…Buddha once said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” You will be one to suffer and get burned if you stay angry, move on and allow that anger to propel you into action.