Are There Problems in Your Family That Get Passed From Generation to Generation? Did it Stop With You? Then You Were Born To Heal Your Family


I had another a-ha moment yesterday, I’ve been getting a lot of those lately.  What has been working for me is talking with like-minded friends about life and it’s leading me to a lot of these aha moments.  So I was inspired to write this blog post, I hope it helps you understand how many of you are healers…just by being who you are!

I realized something about myself and many members of my family, even friends, today.  Many people alive today were born to break a cycle within their families.  Talk about being born healers!  I am not talking about just this lifetime but I am talking about ancestral healing.  Healing that transcends generations. 

What am I talking about?

When I conduct a healing session with a client, I approach it multi-dimensionally.  I understand that you are a soul in a human body and that time is just a construct on Earth.  Only on Earth do we have a past, present and future.  The reality is that everything is happening RIGHT NOW.  So when I receive past life information it’s really “another life” happening right now.  It’s not happening in the past.  Same thing applies to a “future” life that is happening right now.

How can we do all of this? Imagine your soul as being humongous. One day your soul says, “I want to experience something different.  I want to live apart from the Creator.  Everything I learn will be downloaded back to the Creator so he knows what I am experiencing.  In fact, I don’t want just one experience, I want thousands at once.”

And then your soul splits into thousands of pieces into thousands of lives on this planet and many others. 

And you, right now?  You only have a piece of your soul within you.  Knowing this, I understand that there are many lives affecting you right now.  When I conduct a healing session, these lives come up for healing or knowing. 

Now let’s talk about our physical bodies.  We have DNA that we have inherited from our ancestors.  Within this DNA are all of the lessons, experiences and unresolved issues from our ancestors.  What does this mean?  If a lesson was not learned, if healing was not experienced, we carry it down the line generation after generation. 

A few years ago, I had an opportunity to heal something in my ancestral line. I got a chronic sore throat that wouldn’t go away.  After a month of normal medical tests and no relief, I knew that the cause was not a physical one.  It was a symptom of energy blockage, which can stem from another life (“past” life), the current past or your childhood, or a cause related to Spirit.  I saw a healer who told me that one of my ancestors had a “block” put on any descendent who attempted to practice psychic and mediumship healing abilities.  The healer said it wasn’t done malevolently but as a form of protection…because the ancestor had the same abilities and was kicked out of her family for it.  The healer removed the blockage and my sore throat was healed and I continued with my work to this day.

Are you still with me?  I hope so, because this is not easy to explain but the story is so rewarding!

I and every single one of you carry the DNA of our ancestors and whatever does not heal gets carried down from generation to generation.  Here some examples…

  1. My mother grew up very poor in the Philippines.  She broke this cycle by not getting married young and not having many children (like her older sisters did), moved to the USA and earned her bachelor’s degree.  She broke that cycle of poverty.  Not only that, she helped most of her brothers and sisters get here too!
  2. My father grew up in New England, but also poor.  In addition, his father, my grandfather, was an alcoholic (who knows how many generations back that goes).  My father broke that cycle. Another cycle he broke was the many generations of ancestors who lived their lives in New England going back to 1600s. He moved to New York City and married a Filipino woman.  I mean, how shocking!
  3. My friend had a mentally ill mother.  Although emotionally and physically abused as a child, my friend became a very different mother.  She’s nurturing, kind and loving.  She broke the cycle of mental illness and abuse in her family.
  4. Another friend has a father with severe hoarding tendencies.  Her home is neat and uncluttered.  She broke that cycle.

You see what I mean?  Have you broken the cycle in your family?  Are there multi-generational problems in your family that stops with you?


You might not realize it but we are playing roles.  Perhaps your mother brought all the worst family traits into her life right now so that you could be born with the ability to heal THEM ALL.

Amazing right?

You are a healer and you broke the cycle!