Use Your Gifts for Healing: An Interview with Author Rena Huisman


I met Rena through a mutual friend in Northern Virginia.  She wrote the book “The Would Be Medium” and self-published it.  I have always wanted to publish myself, so last year she graciously met me for lunch, told me about her experience and shared some of her favorite writing books.  I really enjoyed reading her book.

Her book is about her experience taking metaphysical classes all over the world with well-known international teachers.  If you are new to this, read her book, because she gives you an idea of what’s out there and what she has learned through her experience.
A year later and now I’m interviewing her for my blog.  Talking with her feels comfortable, like I’m talking to an old friend.  Also she looks at the big picture and I like that! 

SG: Tell me about you and your business.  How did you get started? 

It all started with the publication of my first book in January 2016. From there, I began to write an article each week (blog) on my website sharing additional experiences that aren’t in the book. I hope to inspire others to explore their intuitive abilities.

I have a day job, but this year I want to start offering readings and consultations.  I attended three events last year, giving me the opportunity to give readings all day.  I like to call them soul readings now, which was inspired by my friend and mentor Jackie Osborne. Generally speaking, I hold all questions until the end, and don’t like to have any information about my client before the reading. If all goes well, their questions are usually answered during the reading. I draw a diagram out and envision the client’s chakras, going down one at a time, relaying any information that I receive. 

SG: Who are you helping and how?

Right now I primarily assist people through my book or the articles (blogs) on my website. If someone reaches out and asks for a reading, I will give them one. It works really well when we are compatible vibrationally. I have come to realize that I need to be doing this work in order to feel fulfilled.  I can’t just dabble in it anymore. 

SG: Who inspires you?
My friend and mentor  Jackie Osborne. She is an Intuitive Consultant who opened up a new shop in Nyack NY last year called the Open Spirit.  She keeps me moving forward every time I want to throw in the towel.

Also, the authors Sanaya Roman and Dwayne Packer inspire me.  They wrote a book called Open to Channel that I read 10 years ago but I didn’t understand it at the time.  Inspired by Jackie, I recently picked it back up and got so much more out of it!  When I was finished, I started Part 1 of their Light Body series. It has been game changing for me. It has allowed me to experience the high vibration that I craved but couldn’t find on my own.

SG: What’s the most important thing a teacher or mentor taught you and why?

That this work is not about me, it’s not about us (psychics, mediums, healers, etc.).  It is about being of service to others. It’s definitely not about what serves our ego.

SG: When was the first time you realized you were different, especially spiritually?

I knew from about five years old.  I would hear and see things that nobody else did.  My brother Peter (who since passed) never questioned what I saw or heard.  I always wondered if he had the gift too.

SG: When was the first time you decided to find out what your gifts were and how to use them?

In 2004, I got divorced and I had a lot of free time to myself, this is when my gifts came back.  Spirit would not leave me alone! 

SG: If you could give advice to your younger self about your gifts, what would you say?

Own it! Disregard what other people say and explore it and search for answers.

SG: What advice would you give to someone who just discovered their spiritual gifts?

Run at it a hundred miles an hour.  Embrace it.  I would give that person my book (The Would-Be Medium) in hopes that it would demystify the intuitive arts and inspire them to keep going.

Don’t worry what other people think.  It’s your journey and it’s about you, not them. 

SG: What part of your gift is your favorite and why?  What is your least favorite and why?

I love talking to Spirit.  I love that I can see them clearly as if they were standing right in front of me.  I being a part of the healing process.  I love communicating with beings that I never knew existed, light beings without form.

My least favorite part is that I have to surrender and completely trust that Spirit will be there when I need them. It really is about faith and trust.

SG: What is the funniest thing that happened to you regarding your gifts?

I was in a bar and one of the servers was pregnant.  I had a few beers and I was feeling tipsy and then the baby started talking to me!  Without hesitation I told the pregnant server, your baby wants you to stop smoking because she doesn’t like it.  The mother said, “Oh my God, I will stop!”

SG: Why do you think the Creator gave us these gifts?  And what are we supposed to use them for?

I believe that we have these gifts so that we can realize that we are not alone, or separate from one another.  We are infinite beings, connected like a million tiny lights that originated from a single light source. Life goes by so fast, to use our talents and abilities towards love and healing. 

SG: Why are we here?

We are here to learn to love each other unconditionally.  Until we see ourselves as one, we will remain in this place of separation, pain, and suffering.

SG: What do you wish that people knew or understood the most about you?

I am a spiritual person.  I look at every living thing around us as alive and with feelings. And that I passion for all things metaphysical and paranormal. 

SG: What do you wish the world would know or understand?

You are a small piece of the whole.  We are all one.  Stop judging, blaming and segregating. 

SG: What do you envision the world will be like in the future?

We will be able to communicate telepathically.  There will be no more hunger or war.  We will live in our own personal heaven.  I believe we will make it there, eventually.

You can find Rena on her website and you can purchase her book on Amazon.