An Interview with Kasia Rachfall: It’s Okay to Love More


Kasia and I are members of the same Facebook group Soul Savvy Entrepreneurs.  I made an offer to anyone in the group that I would be happy to interview them.  Kasia said yes 🙂

SG: Describe you and your business.  How did you get started? 

The Universe’s frying pan whacked me on the head. My first job was very logical and soul sucking.  Then I started to do art and language work.  I trained in linguistics, Reiki and Hawaiian spiritual practices. It was a journey of self-discovery that didn’t come naturally to me.

SG: Who are you helping and how?

I teach what I learned. 

I am an Intuitive that excels in helping women help themselves.  I remove the energetic imprints of trauma and toxic stories from their bodies.  I then channel a piece of art for them and I call it the Soul Tattoo which captures their purest essence. 

My art inspiration came to me suddenly.  I would be driving the car and all of sudden see these images and I couldn’t drive anymore.  I had to stop and write them down.  Now I take the time to connect and receive these images safely in my own space. 

SG: Who inspires you?

My husband, who has a good sense of who he is and gets stuff done.  My two children, who are so patient and they are really raising me.  The musician Bryan Adams, because I love his work.  Wayne Dyer because he was my first mentor and taught me how to help myself.  And finally, Oprah, because she gives to others and knows how to receive as well. 

SG: What’s the most important thing a teacher or mentor taught you and why?

To love myself more and not less.  Life is hard because we withhold love from ourselves. Be kinder to yourself. 

SG: When was the first time you realized you were different, especially spiritually?

As a child, I knew I had some gifts but I shut it down.  I was born in Poland, which is a very Catholic country.  Life caused my gifts to be hidden and forgotten.  Clairvoyance is my strongest gift; I can see angel wings around people. 

SG: When was the first time you decided to find out what your gifts were and how to use them?

I discovered my gifts again after my daughter was born 13 years ago.  I suffered from postpartum depression.  It took me 10 years to heal and feel safe.  Now I’m enjoying myself and creating art. 

SG: If you could give advice to your younger self about your gifts, what would you say?

I would buy myself a chai latte and insist that I love myself.  Love more not less.  You can’t be sad enough to make someone happy, you have to be whole. 

SG: What advice would you give to someone who just discovered their spiritual gifts?

Take your time.  You don’t have to start a business or help people right away.  Have fun with it.  It’s not a burden.  Enjoy the gift and take your time then the path will be revealed to you.  If you force it, it will shrink and disappear.  This kind of work reminds you that you are whole.  Stay grounded. 

SG: What part of your gift is your favorite and why?  What is your least favorite and why?

First, I love the flowing energy and how people can feel it. Source flows through me and the static clears.  Second, I never know what my art will turn out like.  I actually have a hard time giving my artwork away, and my clients pay for them!  Third, it’s fun!

My least favorite part is the pressure I put on myself to figure out and do the business end.  The challenge is to take my beautiful gift and put it in the “business box.” 

SG: What is the funniest thing that happened to you regarding your gifts?

When the images for my art started to come through, I would be doing things like brushing my teeth and get the message to “stop now.”  It would happen at the weirdest times. 

SG: Why do you think the Creator gave us these gifts?  And what are we supposed to use them for?

Now is the time to have fun.  Play with energy and see what it feels like.  You are supposed to share your gift with others.  Humanity needs our gifts.

SG: Why are we here?

We’re here to experience ourselves in this form. Spirit made the physical, it’s just as good as the spirit form, and it’s the same. 

SG: What do you wish that people knew or understood the most about you?

There’s no one way to be.  I am a science and spirit geek.  What you see is what you get.  I am an open book.  I have to be me. 

SG: What do you wish the world would know or understand?

It’s OK to love more.  You don’t have to be on guard.  Love is so much stronger than fear.  If you want the President of the US to work on behalf of love, send him love.  Love it and let it go. 

SG: What do you envision the world will be like in the future?

It will be a good place, especially if you have the courage to be non-conformist.  The tide has already turned.  The world is going to be OK, once small choice at a time. 

You can contact Kasia on her website