A Conversation with a Tree Goddess: Angel oak

Angel Oak

This week’s blog post is a different type of interview.  You probably will have never read anything like this before. 

Last year I started practicing automatic writing.  In fact several years ago I got a reading that suggested I start doing it, but I never did till last year.  The Wikipedia definition of automatic writing is this:

“Automatic writing or psychography is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing. The words are claimed to arise from a subconscious, spiritual or supernatural source.”

Except you can delete the word “alleged” because it is real.  Also the definition makes it sound like the writer gets taken over, which is not the case.  I am simply hearing the voice of Spirit or a living being, like Angel Oak, and writing it down.

On my birthday, February 24th, I carved out time to spend at the beach and with a tree that really resonates with me, the Angel Oak.  According to the official website, Angel Oak is estimated to be up to 500 years old and it’s 67 feet tall and 28 feet in circumference.  Some speculate it’s up to 1,500 years old.

Automatic writing works well with living beings like trees.  I have already heard Angel Oak talk to me so I decided to sit down and have a conversation with her.  If I can interview lightworkers and soul business owners on my blog, then why not a tree? 😉

Angel Oak: Hi my name is Angel Oak.  That is the name the humans call me.  I have been around a long time, over 800 years.  The humans think I am 500 years old but they haven’t yet advanced scientifically enough to measure a tree’s age.  My friend Tina has accurately guessed my age because she is connected to Spirit and knows I am 800 years old. 

I will live about 200 more years.  I want to tell my story finally.  I have been around so long and I have seen so much.  When I was born, it was about 1200 you see.  This was a very different place! The only humans around me were what you call Native Americans, they understood me.

There was a little native boy about the age of 9 and he knew that I was special.  Even though I was only a baby tree, he would come and visit me and place special rocks and feathers around me as gifts.  He made sure that I received enough water.  He grew to an adult and he wanted to stay near me.  He married and raised a family near me. 

Now I know Tina has a lot of questions.  I am sure she’s ready to ask.

SG: Why have you survived and not the other trees?

I have been blessed to be taken care of by humans as well as the fae (fairies and other beings from the elemental kingdom).  For some reason, someone always took care of me.  I guess I had caretakers all my life.  When my sisters and brothers (trees) died, I was still left here. 

SG: What is your purpose?

Humans do not understand trees anymore.  The humans of the past, especially indigenous peoples and Druids, understood the power of trees.  Did you know I can communicate with any tree in the world instantly?

We are more or less related to each other.  I am an elder and I advise and guide all of the trees.  I even guide you and the other humans.  I am an antennae, I pick up information and send information. 

My purpose is what you suspect; I hold the light for this location.  This area where I am located is special, that is why there’s nothing built around here.  Even with all the attraction that humans have for me, they know not to build around me.  I only tolerate the shack, the nearby gift shop.  But even then I was not thrilled about that. 

Trees hold the light and energy in an area.  If humans understood this, they would never cut us down ( a hawk starts screaming in the background).

I send loving light and energy to all living beings, especially in this area. 

I also receive a lot of love from humans and that has helped me to stay and continue to grow.  I like being an elder, it suits me.

SG: Do you have a name? 

You can call me Wise One or the Tree Goddess. 

SG: Do you have one Spirit?

I do, but I share pieces of myself with other trees.  I am female as you can tell by the sound of my voice. 

SG: Tell me about the elementals (the fairy kingdom) that work with you.  

Thousands of fairies have worked with me over the years.  They, like humans, are attracted to my old spirit.  They help me too, with their energy.  They make sure that I am watered and fertilized. 

SG: Tell me some stories.  You have witnessed a lot!

Yes I have.  Humans have come and gone.  Well, this is a special time.  The humans here now, they are special.  Some of them have never been to Earth before.  They are helpers, bringers of light and love, like you.  You have done this a lot, Tina.  You have probably known me in 100 different lives.  You know that deep down. 

I love being around these new humans!  I’ve never felt such unconditional love before! It’s great, I feel like I’ve been waiting all my long life for a time like this. 

SG: How do you work with crystals?

Well, the whole earth is a crystal.  We send information to each other with crystals.  They give living beings on Earth an extra energetic boost.  Humans receive this boost and many lightworkers understand that, hence their fascination with all kinds of crystals. 

SG: Is there anything else you want us to know? 

Oh, yes, that trees are conscious wise beings.  We, like all living beings on earth, were called here by the Creator to help you. That’s how important you are! We can transmute negativity energy.  If you need a listening ear, we are the best.  Then we take your words, emotions and energies and send it to Gaia and she transforms it. 

So no need to hold onto any stuff that’s bothering you.  Just find a willing tree to listen and they will gladly help you.  We are here to help you! Work with us and you will be amazed at your transformation!

That is all for now.  I can speak to you anytime, Tina.  You know that.

SG: Yes, I know.