Be the Best Version of You: an Interview with Uma Alexandra Beepat


I know Uma Alexandra Beepat through Facebook and her boyfriend, who I met at a local Reiki share in Northern Virginia last year.  I had so much fun interviewing her!  Again, I am loving the year 2017 because I keep making instant friends (Uma, we have to get together again soon).

Uma is a self-described Spirit Communicator and known Spiritual Teacher in Northern Virginia.  She teaches all over the US and has been invited to Australia, South America and the UK to teach her classes.  

She is also the author of two books.  She wrote her first book The Awakened Life in three weeks.  It helps readers who are new to the Awakening process and took her a year to publish it. She is currently working on a second book called Love Redefined, which is about looking at love, dating and sex from a spiritual perspective. This book is also for readers who want advice on how to spiritually date or have a more sensual relationship. 

SG: Describe you and your business.  How did you get started?  

I call myself the Spirit Communicator.  It’s not just mediumship I do, I also do psychic work, trance healings, Tarot work etc.  I own Lotus Wellness Center and Lotus Signature Massage School in Manassas, VA.  I am also the author of a book available on Amazon called the Awakened Life. 

I love anything to do with metaphysical and spiritual work.  I am also a Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Coach.  I have a lot of tools to help people.

SG: Who are you helping and how?

I help two types of people, people who want to become professional readers and healers and those who are having major life changes.  They feel different and they want help.  For the latter I give them packages tailored specifically to what they need. 

SG: Who inspires you? 

Oprah inspires me because she made a name for herself and started out with a difficult life, like me.  She became a rock star and took her money and helped people.  That’s what drives me, helping people. 

SG: What’s the most important thing a teacher or mentor taught you and why?

I’ve had a lot of mentors, my favorite is Eileen Davies.  She recognizes the uniqueness in everyone and brings that to the forefront. In my classes, I’ve been trying to speak to every student individually and honoring their uniqueness. 

In my earlier life I felt crushed because I was so different from everyone else.  Now my uniqueness is celebrated. 

My clients get hung up on what they are “supposed to be.”  It’s OK to be you and have the likes and dislikes you have.  A spiritual person is someone who is living authentically.  You follow your own truth and whatever that truth is for you.  We have to respect who we are and where we are.  My friends are very different from me.  I don’t advocate for cutting anybody out, even if they are negative.  We need to learn to live together. 

SG: When was the first time you realized you were different, especially spiritually?

My father would say since I was three years old.  According to my parents, I was a difficult child. I fought the norm whenever I could.   I was always open but it never felt like ability, I always thought everybody was like me.  I met a psychic in my early life and she told me I was Clairvoyant.  When I close my eyes I see a lot. She told me that when most people close their eyes they don’t see anything.  I never had doubts of my abilities because I thought it was normal for everyone.

SG: When did you decide to find out what your gifts were and how to use them?

I’ve been doing this professionally since 2008. 

I turned 30 and I heard a message that said “the time for playing is over and it’s time to work.”  I didn’t know anything so I got on my knees and said, “Teach me everything …I Know Nothing….” And they (Spirit) did.  I received a lot of training and I continue to learn.
Spirit just lined up everything for me.  My journey on this path started when I moved to Virginia in 2007. I was cleaning a desk out of all these papers and I found a scholarship from 2001 where I did AmeriCorps (a federal volunteer program).  I used to test people for HIV in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.  I had 8 or 9 years to use it and the year I found this scholarship (2008) I realized I had to use it right away as it would expire by year end. I didn’t know what to use it for but Spirit provided three signs for me to become a massage therapist so I did my research and then decided to become a massage therapist.  I went to tour the school on a Wednesday and wouldn’t you know, I found out the scholarship covered the exact amount I needed for the school and a new class was starting on Friday which was the day of my 30th birthday.  I learned about Reiki and reflexology at massage school as well.

I didn’t really decide to use my abilities; I just let the events flow.  Now I do training in Arthur Findley College in England.  Spirit will let me know what’s next. 

SG: If you could give advice to your younger self about your gifts, what would you say?

Don’t get caught up with the boys (laughing).  I love being in love and I love having passion in my life.  I gave up a lot of great opportunities for love. When I was in college, there was this huge leadership summit for all colleges in the US and only two students were selected from each college. I was selected to attend and represent my college along with another student and I didn’t go because I wanted to ditch school for the week and spend it with my then boyfriend. 

I don’t take things seriously and it has to be fun for me. If you keep it fun you’ll manifest what you want.

SG: That’s interesting because Spirit told you that you were having too much fun and usually they say the opposite, at least to me.  They tell me to “lighten up.”
What advice would you give to someone who just discovered their spiritual gifts?

Have fun and enjoy it, it’s a journey.  There’s no rush and push, the world is not going to end tomorrow.  I didn’t push at all.

My older clients look at me and think I’m lucky because I “woke up” so early.  It’s not about time, it’s about how you use your time.

We are all just walking each other home.  We each will take a pause here and there and sometimes I may be ahead or you may be ahead but ultimately we’re all heading in the same direction.   

SG: There are a lot of people that are not awake and if you’ve already figured that out, you’re ahead of the game. 

What part of your gift is your favorite and why?  What is your least favorite and why?

My favorite part of my abilities is claircognizance and being able to help people by knowing who they are deep inside.  The Clairs (psychic abilities) are there to help you. 
My least favorite is again claircognizance, it’s a double edged sword.  There are times when I want to buy into the illusion but I can see things I don’t want to see.  For example, I don’t do couple readings anymore because of situations that have come up.  I feel bad because I can see the pain and hurt that people are not portraying.  I see behind the smile and “I am fine.” I know, I always know.

SG: Why do you think the Creator gave us these gifts?  And what are we supposed to use them for?

We are divinely guided.  Gifts are a natural part of who we are.  The awakening process is not new, it’s more of coming home to yourself.  The Creator made us this way.  For whatever reason, we shut it down. 

Except for the new generation born recently, we were not born “awake.” The new generation is able to handle this better than us. A lot of us wake up later in life because we are able to accept it and we are realizing who we really are.

I don’t believe in old souls, we all come from the same Source. However, there are people who have had many lives on this planet and that makes them more aware of who they really are.  I am part starseed because I haven’t found a way to fit in and I question the norm.  I fit into the Realm of Wise Ones as I am a teacher professionally and in my personal life as well (ask anyone who knows me).

SG: Why are we here?

We are here for self-improvement.  My students feel like they have to work as a healer but there’s not enough focus on being the best version of you.  When you do that, you are contributing to the whole and you help the planet. When I fix myself, people fix themselves.  We need to have a healer in every home. 

We are part of the Earth school.  We are here to resolve our stuff or help others resolve them.  We are multi-dimensional.  There’s another version of Uma right now cooking by the flames of a dragon (laughing). 

SG: I know!  I think there’s another version of me riding my unicorn right now. 
 What do you wish the world would know or understand about you?

I really do care.  I see the big picture and do have empathy.  When I was young I wouldn’t cry at funerals because I knew there was an Other Side.  When my grandmother died I was not sad and I knew she would come back and talk to me, which she did a day later. 
People might think I am cold hearted.  I get over things quickly.  I allow myself to grieve but I will move on.  It’s like Wi-Fi, you don’t see Spirit but you know they are there. 

SG: I agree with you on funerals.  They are still alive and they feel alive.  It’s hard to be sad.  They are still around.   What do you wish the world would know or understand?

It’s all a game and we don’t need to take it so seriously.  I have friends getting ready for doom and gloom.  It’s not that bad, life is like a play with the villain and good guy.  They are playing the roles they need to play.  We’re all in this together.  I don’t like the words negative because a negative person is a mirror.  They are helping you more than you know. 

What do you envision the world will be like in the future?

I envision better communication. I see couples being honest that they no longer want to be together.  I see a lot of miscommunication.  The world will be more accepting and want to work with each other instead of changing each other. 

Good communication is being vulnerable.  I love doing dating coaching and clearly I am an expert because I have dated so much (laughing).  Not a lot of people date, and when they do, they say people change.  Not really, you got to know them or maybe they really did change their mind.  Life and relationships are not static. 

My second book is on relationships. We have been programmed to make relationships work when they are not. I support relationships that grow together.  If your partner allows you to do what you need, then keep him.  It’s only when they get in the way then its problem.  It’s the greatest feeling to be you. 

You are allowed to change your mind, although people may think you are wishy washy.  As you grow, what you think was true starts to change. It’s hard to explain to others.  For example, I don’t teach what I taught years ago because my beliefs have changed. 

You can find more about Uma and contact her on her websites  and