Healing Back Pain and the Mind-Body Connection


I recently re-read a book that I think is important enough to blog about.  

I have been having back pain since I was a teenager and well, I’m tired of it. 

How many of you out there have chronic pain and have tried everything to remedy it? 

I have used all the physical and metaphysical tools to try to heal this. I’ve been to doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and dozens of chiropractors.  I have taken a lot of advil  I have had Reiki sessions, past life regressions, countless meditations and more to find the source of my back pain … and this all translated to more fear and pain.

I recently came across this book again recommended on line to relieve back pain.  I tried to buy it on Amazon and it told me I already had a copy.  Then I saw my old review below (scroll down to the end to read it).  I didn’t like it then but…

I totally changed my opinion on this book.  This book is FANTASTIC.  For 6 years I was unable to understand what Sarno was talking about but now I do.  Now I am a Reiki master and I have seen and experienced what emotions and thoughts can do to the body, both with myself and with others.

I’ve been told this about my back…

*a car accident at age 11 started it all
*I have arthritis in my neck
*my neck lost its natural curve
*my back is spasming and I don’t feel it (then why is it a problem?)
*I should have more headaches because of the tension in my neck and shoulders

And then there are all the rules…

*bend at the knees when you pick something up
*roll over your side before you get up from a sleeping position
*don’t look down too much
*don’t cross your legs
*fix your posture
*don’t sleep on your back
*roll your shoulders

Then there was the fearful things I was telling myself (including the above rules)…

*you can’t run because of your back
*don’t sit too long
*don’t do squats and lunges with weights
* I feel a twinge, uh oh, it’s going to get worse…

And on and on.  

Well Dr. Sarno says that if you have unexplainable back pain (which I do), it’s because of repressed negative emotions and all you have to do is ACKNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPT that you are anxious or angry at something.  And then keep moving like you have no fear!

That’s it.  No forgiving, no journaling, no letting go etc.  Just acknowledge, accept and keep moving!

I started reading this book on Monday April 24th and I can already tell the difference.  I have had some stiffness but no pain and when pain starts I ask myself…what is bothering me?  Am I mad about something?  Then I acknowledge it and say affirmations like…

*my back is strong
*my spine is straight and in alignment
*I can do anything I want

I think this is it. I think this is the key to getting rid of my back pain forever.  If you have back pain, READ THIS BOOK NOW!

My only criticism of the book would be it needs updating (it was written in 1989).  i would love to see what the latest research is.   

Below is my original not so positive review 🙂

(2012) This book explains a lot of what…what is back pain.  But not a lot of how.  There is one chapter devoted to how and I was wanting more.  He mentions lectures that patients takes but doesn’t explain what these lectures contain…although I am open to back pain being an emotional issue, I wanted more instruction on how to handle the emotional issues so my back would get better.