Part 4 of my Story: A Powerful Decision to Go On


In my last blog post, I decided to put all my crazy experiences out there to the world.  It was so scary but I had this desire to share my stories with others.  I was afraid of being criticized, but that was unfounded because it never happened.  I made a big decision.  

I decided to be fearless.  

That’s right. My friends and peers admired me for my fearlessness.  I will try anything, and if someone asks me to do something and I never tried it, I will do it anyway.  

And in the metaphysical world, I can do it.  

Moving Through the Fear

A lot of people let fear stop them in everything, but especially with the spiritual or metaphysical. There’s so many people who are intrigued with Tarot, honing their intuition, connecting with their spirit team (get your free guide here) or curious about energy healing.  But fear stops them from exploring it, pushing their boundaries, taking classes or even just trying it for the first time.  

And that is a tragedy.  

I did see myself in a new light, but I was doing what I dreamed of and it was making me happy.  

So how did I become fearless, you ask? 

I felt the fear and kept moving.  

Don’t let fear stop you.  Don’t let resistance stop you.  The fear is temporary and your new found gifts might conquer your fear, in fact it will. 

This is the secret.  Feel the fear and keep moving, don’t stop.  The reward is bigger than the risk.  Trust me.  I am living proof of it.

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