An Interview with Dr. Allison Brown, Founder of Reiki for Vets


I met Dr. Allison Brown at a grand opening party of a local community center.  When I learned that she was looking for Reiki volunteers for a program called Reiki for Vets, I quickly signed on.  I now share this amazing healing experience with others, including disabled military veterans and their families in the Charleston, SC area. 

For those of you who do not know, Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Energy.  It is a practice where practitioners are trained to channel this healing energy to clients, friends, families or animals.  There are three levels of Reiki and the highest level practitioner has the title of Reiki master. 

You can learn more about Allison on her website and

SG: Describe your latest projects.  How did you get started?  

Reiki for Vets started in 2016.  We now have 10 volunteers and provide free Reiki at two clinics in Charleston: one in Goose Creek and the other at the downtown VA hospital.  Reiki is free for disabled Vets, their caretaker or significant other, and the VA medical practitioners.  Our goal now is to raise money to certify veterans in Reiki 1 so that they can utilize Reiki for themselves and their families. 

Around the time I learned Reiki, I suddenly had a creative burst of inspiration and started to explore my spirituality.  I found solace in exploring and expressing myself in my writing.  I am now working on a book entitled The Journey Within.  I write about the fear conservative Christians face with certain taboo topics, such as psychics, mediumship, angels, energy healing etc. 

SG: Who are you helping and how?

I am assisting the disabled vet population, particularly vets with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Any disabled veteran with health or mental health issues currently being served through the VA can participate.  My book the Journey Within focuses on Christians who are seeking love instead of living in fear.

For people who know very little about Reiki, what is the most important thing one should understand?

Reiki draws upon the Universal Source, God or the Creator.  We can draw on that energy, and all humans can do that.  It’s not scary, it’s just who we are. 

I am doing the same thing that I did in the Christian church when I was called to create a team of hands-on healers. 

Why does Reiki exist?  What are we supposed to use it for?

Reiki exists because the founder, Makao Usui, was able to put energy into a useful form.  It has always existed, but he figured out how to make it usable for the lay person. 

Reiki is used to restore emotional, mental and physical condition.  It helps restore balance and peace, allowing our bodies to heal. 

SG: Who inspires you?               

In her book Big Magic, the author Elizabeth Gilbert writes that creativity is out there ready to be manifested.  I also love to follow Martha Beck’s column in Oprah magazine because she has a wonderful way of describing spiritual subjects.

SG: What’s the most important thing a teacher or mentor taught you and why?

Don’t rely on another person for spiritual guidance; I need to seek it myself and trust myself.  It’s not wise to lean on a spiritual guru. 

SG: When was the first time you realized you were different, especially spiritually?

When I was 13, I started questioning the priests in my Episcopalian church.  I brought up subjects that didn’t make sense to me.  For example, I wondered how could God create humans and punish them for not being Christians? 

I am a “why” person. I have an inner rebel that’s supposed to figure things out.

SG: When did you decide to find out what your gifts were and how to use them?

In the late 1990s, I was called to be a healer and create a group that practiced hands-on healing.  Six to seven healers would lay their hands on one person.  A year and a half ago I learned Reiki.  There’s not much difference between hands-on healing and Reiki. 

SG: If you could give advice to your younger self about your gifts, what would you say?

Stop being afraid, everything is based in love. 

SG: What advice would you give to someone who just discovered their spiritual gifts?

Seek out a mentor, but do it cautiously, and trust yourself.  You need to learn, but you must return to your own authority. 

SG:  What part of your gift is your favorite and why?  What is your least favorite and why?

I love the gift of healing, and I receive as much as I give.  My least favorite is that I feel a responsibility for not only the veterans I serve but also for the volunteers that I coordinate. Sometimes it’s difficult being in charge.

SG: Tell me something funny about your gifts.

I worked very hard on the proposal to start Reiki for Vets. When I submitted it, I got back a message simply saying, “Yes!”  I thought it would be harder to get the program approved. 

SG: Why do you think the Creator gave us these gifts?  And what are we supposed to use them for?

Everything we do on Earth is to learn how to give and receive unconditional love.  Have fun and enjoy each other! Life is meant to be fun! 

SG: Why are we here?

We are here to give and receive love.  We choose an agenda before we incarnate here.

SG: What do you wish the world would know or understand about you?

It’s not about me.  Do not be a sheep, choose your own path.  I want to guide people out of fear.

SG: What do you wish the world would know or understand?

Love yourself first, trust yourself and don’t be afraid.  We are all interconnected. Imagination is important, and it’s another form of reality.  Imagination is how you create your reality.  We are here to create! 

What do you envision the world will be like in the future?

Pay attention to the stars, the solar system and the energy from the sun.  We’re undergoing a change and loving energy surrounds us. Humans are changing and the earth is changing – we are waking up and will create a better world!

5 Quick questions:

  1. Favorite angel/ascended master? Jesus
  2. If you could meet anyone in the world and have coffee with them, who would it be? Elizabeth Gilbert
  3. What would you talk about? Creativity and inspiration. 
  4. Favorite place in the world to unwind? My back deck. 
  5. A place you would love to visit? Italy

If you are ready to try Reiki and you live in the Charleston SC area, I am a Reiki master and offer one hour sessions and Reiki packages of three sessions.  I also give a 15% discount to Vets and their families.  Please contact me for information or click here to see the types of Reiki sessions I offer–Tina Clarke, Stargazing Angel.