This is How the Tarot Helps You Make Kick-Ass Informed Decisions

Most people fail to understand Tarot readings WORK.  But don’t worry, it’s never too late to try a Tarot reading.  As a professional Tarot reader, I will explain exactly how a Tarot reading works, why it works and why such information is invaluable to you.  In a world full of information at your fingertips and literally a Google search away, the Tarot gives relevant information, guidance and advice for you.  

​The Tarot is a pack of 78 cards with five suits, used for fortune-telling. The suits are typically swords, cups, coins (or pentacles), batons (or wands), and a permanent suit of trump.  The cards have very few words on them and they are full of pictures and symbols, like this:

Forget what You Heard About the Tarot

For as long as we can remember, the Tarot has been called evil, the work of devil, magic and therefore fake, dismissed by science or simply ignored as mere entertainment or wishful thinking.  

But I am here to tell you that none of the above is true. 

I am a professional Tarot reader and I have given dozens of readings that were useful, enlightening and emotionally relevant for my clients.  

In a world where science is the be all and end of all of evidence and logical thinking prevails, it is  incredibly challenging to prove that the Tarot works because the proof relies on the client’s feelings.  Yes, feelings.  

A Great Tarot Reading Makes You Feel Better About Your Decisions

How do we measure feelings?  How do you measure happiness?  A sense of peace? Relief? If my client receives a Tarot card that warns her that someone is being dishonest with her and she finds out that it is true, is it because she expected it?  Or because she was looking for that dishonest person in her life?  Or did the Tarot card actually accurately predict what happened?

You know my answer right?  The Tarot predicted it.  Rather, the Tarot warned her about it and she received useful advice.  

What could a deck of Tarot cards with pictures and symbols tell you about yourself?  Everything. 

Time and time again, my clients have reacted to Tarot readings by asking, “How did you know that?” or proclaiming  “That was amazingly accurate” or “You were right, the Tarot cards predicted it and it happened.”

How Does a Tarot Reader Know All That Stuff?  

How did I know so much information about a client from a few Tarot cards?  The card’s pictures and symbols offer the answer, and I, as the reader, decode the meaning of these  pictures and symbols, along with my sense of feeling, knowing, hearing and intuition.  

Forget the image of the dicey fortune teller who reads the Tarot, pulls all the scary cards and demands more money from you when you need more information.  

Folks, the Tarot is a real and extremely valuable tool to get guidance from your higher self and your spiritual team of angels and spirit guides on the path you are taking or about to take in life.  

If you come upon a fork in the road, do you choose a path blindly?  Or do you want to consult  an accurate and reliable source for advice?  I would choose the reliable advice and that is what the Tarot gives you.  In addition, the advice is personal, custom, valuable and accurate for you.  

The Tarot Told Me All the Information I Needed to Know About You

I don’t need to know anything about you to read your Tarot cards.  In fact, I don’t want to know anything.  The more I don’t know, the better.  The Tarot will reveal everything I need to know and more importantly, what you need to know.  Anything my client needs to know will come up during the Tarot reading for sure, 100 percent.  Nothing important is left out.  

The Tarot will choose the topics, regardless of the questions that you ask of it.  You have now consulted a higher power and that higher power is giving you the answer you are seeking.  It’s now time to listen and pay attention.  

Spirit (anything in invisible form, like passed loved ones, angels guides, ancestors, even elementals etc.) works through me to help interpret the Tarot cards in your best interest.  For example, I gave a Tarot reading to a mother who was getting ready to divorce her husband after many years of marriage.  She wanted to know what would happen in her future.  She was a teacher by training and was expecting to return to teaching in the fall.  I pulled a card that said, “A Change in Career is Possible.”  She didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I advised her to keep an open mind about what could come across her path career-wise.  

Tarot Advises and It Happens

A few weeks later, the mother sent me a message that she is pursuing a career change!  And she seemed delighted that it came true.  She received a warning and even an invitation to be open-minded about her career and it happened.  This is what the Tarot can do for you.  

In the end, what do you lose?  Maybe you don’t want to invest $80 in a Tarot reading, but do you want to make decisions blindly?  What do you gain?  What if you could receive really good advice and save yourself a lot of heart ache in the process?  I would say that $80 was a bargain!  

You gain insight, knowledge, advice or warnings of what can come to pass for you.  To me, and for all of my clients, that information is priceless and that’s what a Tarot reading can do for you.  

Are you ready your personal Tarot reading full of insights, invaluable knowledge and wisdom on YOU?  Tina Clarke of Stargazing Angel is a professional Tarot card reader and she can do readings in person, by phone or video.  You can book a Tarot session with her here.