Why I Went from My Own Pain in the Neck to Moving

Source: https://www.advancedphysicaltherapist.com

Some of you know that I recently moved last month from North Charleston to Summerville, SC.  It’s something that I would never have predicted because I just moved to the Charleston area three years ago from Virginia.  But Spirit has a big way of pushing me when I need it.

Early this year, my earth sign husband brought up moving.  There were many practical reasons to move but the sheer amount of work it involves resulted in my answer of a hard “no.”  I consulted neighbors and friends about the schools in particular and they calmed my fears and decided moving wasn’t necessary.

Around the 1st of May my neck started hurting.  This is not unusual since I have been having stiff neck problems since high school. I tried all my natural remedies with no results.  I was really befuddled on why my neck was feeling this way.  One of my energy healing teachers offered a mini-reading and I jumped on the opportunity to find out why my neck was hurting (hint for all of you, if it’s not a medical cause, then there’s a spiritual, mental or emotional cause).  The first card she pulled was the Ace of Fire (also Wands) which means the beginning of action and taking initiative.  Then her next question was, “Are you thinking of moving?”

Talk about nailing it!

I said yes we talked about it and decided not to.  She said neck pain describes someone who is not looking at all the options.  In my case, I refused to look at one option: moving.  She pulled five more cards on the question and she said they all pointed to moving, like a big yes.  She said it would be good for me financially and personally.  She said it would be hard work for eight months and then I would be able to enjoy the result of my efforts.  Well in that case, I decided to make plans for a move.

The next day the neck pain eased.

The following day it came back and I had a nice rash that accompanied it.  A rash showed up on the back of my neck and weaved a trail down my left arm.  What was disturbing about this was the rash followed the neck pain and radiating down my arm too.  I immediately saw a doctor and she diagnosed me with shingles.  It took another week of anti-viral medication before the pain went away.

I always like to examine the deeper meaning of why things need to happen, like this move.  I know that I had to do it and it would be good for me.  But since moving I have discovered the following reasons:

  1. I have been “put here” by spirit
  2. There’s a lot of paranormal activity here
  3. The energies of the land, and especially the forested areas around my neighborhood, are very strong
  4. The energies are a mixed bag: negative and positive
  5. The energies have been heavily guarded for a long time. 

All of these reasons are either my area of expertise or interests so I look forward to learning more or understanding the area more! 

Have you ever had a physical symptom that encouraged you to take a specific action?  Comment below!