The Eyes Reveal Everything

Lately I have been reminded by the universe how important the eyes are in revealing the truth of who someone is and how they are feeling.  There is a saying that the “eyes are the window to the soul.”  This is so true!  Someone can be smiling and yet their eyes reveal sadness or pain. 

Another local Reiki master pointed this out to me when we started discussing local political candidates.  There was one in particular that he was suspicious of.  He sent me the picture and he told me “look at the eyes.”  I wasn’t really seeing anything right away, partly because, although we hadn’t met, we were social media friends and this person seemed to agree with a lot of my political and social beliefs. My friend kept insisting on looking at the eyes and even cropped them out of a picture for me to study.  I really wasn’t seeing it. 

Finally I could see what he was talking about.  One eye seemed cold and distant. This is what he was concerned about.  Now interested in this candidate I checked out this person’s Facebook page.  This person was a vegan but one of those people who believes everyone should be a vegan. I believe we should have freedom to choose what we eat and that everybody has unique dietary requirements.  She basically posted something about this that was very judgmental and critical of people who were not vegan.  So I it didn’t take long for me to see something was off about her.

In doing my work, I often want a picture of my client if we don’t work one on one together.  A picture of a person can reveal so much about them, especially the eyes.  I can also only see around their energy field, any energetic cords that may be attached to them, even ancestors that are looking after them.  I read into their emotional and mental fields, revealing how they have been feeling lately and whether they are mentally preoccupied.  This is especially important if a client comes to me feeling like they have an attachment or that something is taking their energy. 

Try looking at people’s pictures and read what their eyes are saying about them.  Look at friends and family member’s pictures or try looking at the pictures of some famous people too.  Looking at a picture of someone you don’t know might be easier to read. The more you practice the better you get at it.  Ask yourself the following questions as you gaze at the picture:

  • What is this person feeling? List any emotions that seem to be revealed through their eyes
  • What is their body language?  Are they comfortable?  Are they covering up body parts?
  • What are they thinking about?
  • Are there any other energies around them?

This is a great away to practice a reading and looking beyond just what you see and looking deeper at a person.  If you try this, let me know what you learned!