March Madness: Adjusting to a New World

Wow just wow right?

It’s hard to put into words right now what’s happening in the world today.  However, I encourage all of you the rise above the details of what’s going on and look at the big picture.  If you are interested in animal medicine, invoking the hawk or any predatory bird would be wonderful right now.

I am familiar with hawk because he’s been my power animal for years now.  

First of all please be safe and practice social distancing and limit your trips to the store.  Practice handwashing and good hygienic habits to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

That being said, I have been getting messages for years that something big was going to happen in the world and I believe this is it.  All I knew was something was going to really rock us all, and that lightworkers like myself would have to be a source of calm for others.  Lightworkers and energy healers are qualified to do this because 1) we have been working on ourselves for years and can relate to the stress that people are feeling 2) we are empaths and we feel others’ feelings so we know and sympathize with people who are struggling 3) we have adapted and practiced how to manage how our empathic abilities and continue to address and heal our triggers and emotions when they blindside us and 4) we are knowledgeable and understand that the universe works in mysterious ways and that it helps us to rise above like the hawk and see the big picture. 
 What is the big picture?

We have an unsustainable lifestyle that hurts the Earth and all the living beings on it.

We have a culture that is driven by money and economics that does not equitably share resources where the few have many and the rest can barely scrape by. 

Our culture of busyness reached a crescendo point where most people couldn’t keep up, were really stressed out and didn’t have time to even take a breath and enjoy the pleasures in life. 

Our economic structure was still old school, requiring people to commute to work even though we have the technology for many to work from home. 

Our government did not prepare long term for a pandemic like this, even though they were warned about it. 

Our health system can not handle a pandemic like this because we lack universal healthcare in the country although most countries in the world already have such a system and it works.  

And I could go on.
 How to Make the Most of Your Free Time Now  
I have been trying to stay productive and tackle some projects that I didn’t have time for before. So far I have:

  • Planted a small vegetable and herb garden 
  • Painted my bike a pretty aqua color
  • Reorganized the laundry room
  • Rearranged my office and got rid of some items that I no longer wanted
  • Organized mini altars all over my office by theme and crystal type
  • Finished several books
  • Helped five people handle their stress levels with EFT tapping for free 
  • Performed two clearing sessions with a shamanic friend over the phone.  The first was to clear the dark sticky rooted energy of fear of the coronavirus over planet Earth and the other was focused on assisting the Giant family on Earth (this came up locally for me) and releasing the interdimensional dark spider energy that has been and continues to feed on fear and interferes with manifestation on the planet. 

​And that was just in the first week!

I have plans for more projects like,

  • Continue to work on my book
  • Figure out how to teach more of my classes online
  • Zooming with my friends and neighbors to catch up on how we are doing 
  • Paint the hallways and bathrooms of my house (I already bought the paint and materials)
  • Go back to painting and drawing again
  • Finish my custom Tarot card deck

And I am sure I will come up with more.  

But make sure you do fun stuff too.  So far I have played several scrabble games with my daughters, took many bike rides and walks, sat outside in the nice weather to read a book and watched favorite movies with my family, like the Hobbit and Pete’s Dragon.  
 What is life going to look like after all the dust settles?  These are some of my predictions:

  • People who used to commute to work and have to telecommute now will get used to it and like it.  This will increase the demand for telecommuting options and less people will be willing to commute for a job. 
  • Families will be used to being together and relying on each other and will continue to do so.  Family members that live out of state, especially the elderly, may want to move to be closer to family so they can easily receive support when they need it. 
  • Hopefully government will use what they learn to support people more especially in times of crisis. This means universal healthcare, higher minimum wage and more support for the self employed. 
  • The virus has encouraged everyone to think of others instead of themselves.  In order to prevent the virus from spreading to people we don’t necessarily know personally, we’ve had to modify our behavior by staying home, washing our hands etc.  I would love to this to become a norm, where we think of how our actions can affect others. 

Of course this will be just some of the benefits.  Can you think of more?  Hit reply and share your insights I would love to hear them.  

Let EFT Help You Through This Tumultuous Time

If you are struggling at this time, please reach out for help.  I have seen great success with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping.  Recently I offered 10 free 30 minute sessions with each client and we tackled such issues like inability to connect with spirit, grieving over a parent who passed away, anxiety about changing jobs, fear of change, depression, abandonment and severe back pain.  I was able to help with all of these challenging issues and get my clients at least to  feel calm or close to calm after tapping through it. 

I am offering a introductory price of $33 for a 30 minute EFT session or $65 for a one hour EFT session.  All sessions can be done over the phone or Zoom video conferencing.  
 Here is what some of my EFT clients have to say about the results they experienced:  
I felt the positive effects immediately and feel like I left the tapping session with enough knowledge that I can easily use it again if needed–Brooke

In a very short session, Tina taught me how to use EFT to break through a lifelong resistance and negative belief about myself. I didn’t even know the root of it until she helped me to see it. I also love how Tina acknowledges and celebrates my breakthroughs in healing. I highly recommend working with her–Kim

In the world today, it is easy to feel fearful,stressed and anxious. Tina was able to guide me in an EFT session to help with my anxiety. In just one session, my stress/anxiety level went from a 7 to a 2. Tina is very easy to talk to and offers many different services. She also has the awesome option of doing sessions remotely via Zoom. This is great option when you can’t get out and about but need help. I would definitely recommend Tina!–Julie

I’ve been fortunate to attend her Reiki 1 class and her EFT tapping. It’s been almost 24 hours and my anxiety levels are very low. I’ve been feeling very calm and relaxed–Brittney

I thought I had some blockages pertaining to my spiritual abilities. And from a scale of 1-10 on how much this upset me I was at a 10. I’m a perfectionist so I have an idea of how things should be working in my head and I get upset when I don’t perform the way I think I should…After about 3 rounds [of EFT] my feeling of a 10 came down to about a 2 which is incredible… we talked about it a little bit more and she helped me see my situation in a different way. I’ve had a lot of very powerful experiences and instances that have happened when I wasn’t trying or thinking. And she explained to me that when she learned to allow things to flow instead of expecting [things to happen] she found that that way of thinking was much more clear and open…that totally resonated with me and I’m really happy I was able to speak with her. She helped me see it from a different perspective and helped me see that I’m not actually blocked at all–Sofia

 My classes will probably be rescheduled to fall dates or later. All my one on one in-person sessions are on hold but I have a lot of remote healing sessions available:

Have any questions or comments?  I would love to hear them!  Just press reply or email me at [email protected]

In love and gratitude,
Tina Clarke