Hauntings: How to Tell Whether It’s You, Your Property or Both

I first started practicing Reiki in 2014, I came upon the practice of removing energetic cords.  These cords can come from either a living person or a spirit and attach to people in order to siphon their energy from others.  After practicing Reiki for a while, I started to actually see these cords attached to a person’s energetic field or aura. I would ask my spirit guides and angels to show me the cords that were not attached for that person’s highest good and then cut and remove them.  

Energetic cords can drain someone of their energy or even cause physical ailments or pain.  They can be attached to you by former significant others, family members or even a stranger you encountered. 

A spirit attachment is similar to an energetic cord but more encompassing. I don’t see cords attached, I simply sense another presence around that person that doesn’t appear or feel benevolent.  They can be near that person or actually leave when an energy healer comes near the client so they are not discovered.  This happens to me a lot so I have to be really diligent in discovering the spirit attachment.  

After using these techniques for years as well as during property clearings, I have come to the conclusion that spirit attachments are a lot more common than I realized or wanted to admit.  I have done property clearings where the paranormal activity returned once I cleared it.  So it made wonder, what am I missing?  

I realized that the person could be haunted and not the property. That means no matter where a person lives, they are going to feel like someone is watching them and they are going to have uncomfortable feelings. They are going to experience paranormal activity because it’s literally following them everywhere they go. This person more than likely has one or more spirit attachments and they need to be removed. 

Sometimes it takes me a while to discover this but eventually I can not be fooled.  There are two cases I would like to go into detail with this, one is professional and the other is personal. I have a recent Reiki client who came to me to experience more relaxation and de-stressing in her life.  She was and is opening up to the world of energy now.  She suffered from acid reflux and she would often feel discomfort when I focused Reiki on her throat.  I thought that the Reiki was clearing her throat chakra.  At her 4th appointment with me, she said the following words which alarmed me, “I feel like someone is choking me.” I knew that at this point I had to figure out the cause of this.  

As I kept my hands hovered over her throat and asked my angels and guides,”Why does she feel like someone is choking her?”  Over the years I have learned the more specific my question, the more likely I will receive a specific answer. Suddenly I sensed another presence in the room, toward my client’s feet and to the right.  I could see it was a male with blonde hair and there was a lot of negativity coming from him. With my intuitive senses I got the following: he was her husband in another life, he used to abuse her including choking her and he told me he wasn’t happy that she recently got married. I told him that he had to release her and go into the light.  No matter how angry a spirit is I have several ways to convince a wayward spirit to journey home.  Eventually he did leave willingly although not happily.

After the session I told her what I discovered. She was so relieved.  She already looked like a different and more peaceful person.  

My personal example has to do with one of my daughters who is a teenager.  Since the quarantine I noticed that my teen daughter seemed very negative.  Normally she’s sweet and goofy but I hadn’t seen that girl in awhile. I thought she was adjusting to being at home and was unhappy that she couldn’t see her friends. I would walk by her while she was playing video games and she wouldn’t even say hello.  This was very unlike her. 

When I was away at the beach I came to the realization that she may have several spiritual attachments.  Teens can be interesting cases because they have powerful emotions and those negative emotions can attract low vibration spirits to them.  These spirits actually feed on their emotions like food.  It then becomes a self-fulfilling cycle, the teen feels negatively, the spirit feeds off of it and encourages the teen to feel more negative emotions. Thankfully there is a remedy to this: recognize the spirit is there and send it or convince it to go into the light. 

Sometimes these spirits are quite egotistical.  You can imagine that they can easily manipulate humans into doing and feeling what they want.  Teens and children are especially vulnerable. When I focused on my daughter and spoke with her on the  soul level she was quite upset about these spirt attachments.  I knew that they were negatively influencing her.  They also were quite cocky about it and one bragged to me, “It took you long enough to figure out we were here.”  I easily sent them on their way to the light.  When I returned home with my youngest daughter, we both asked my teen if she was feeling better.  We didn’t tell her why we were asking this till later, we wanted her to tell us herself.  She kind of waffled and said, “I guess so.”  But I could already tell she seemed lighter and happier.

I am happy to say that my old teen is back and she’s being affectionate and sweet again.  My youngest daughter noticed right away exclaiming, “She already looks different.” 

After an individual energy cleaning, what if the paranormal activity doesn’t go away?  The problem might be your home or property.  In that case, I would recommend a property clearing and blessing.  

If you  suspect that you or your family member might have a spirit attachment, contact me and we will discuss your situation.  This can be done in person or remotely. You can book a clearing session with me here