About Me

About Me

Follow Your Heart
As a little girl I always picked up on feelings around me. I have always been an empath, & felt other people’s feelings and energies. After training and studying many metaphysical subjects, I realize that the information I was receiving was valid & not random. My mission is to help others who feel they have tried everything to heal & are willing to explore effective healing modalities and approaches that will heal their soul, clear blocks & move them forward joyfully and authentically in life.
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Tina K Clarke

Her teaching style is so light and accessible to all students.

Tina K Clarke

My mission is to help others who feel they have tried everything to heal

My Specializations

& certifications
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Also specializes in:

• Family ancestral healing

• Connecting with ancestors

• Removal of attachments: cords and entities

• Removal of curses, hexes, dark spells etc.

• Healing past lives, including removal of energetic blocks originating from past lives

• Treating and assisting wounded healers

• Aligning the missions of the following soul groups: indigenous peoples, Cathars and Templars, Magdalene line,

priestesses of the Orders of Mary and Isis, Pleiadeans and Sirians, and dragon starseeds


My Manifesto

​When I was young I was very sensitive and intuitive
I picked up on information that most people weren’t aware of
I was afraid of my gifts and blocked them
I had no teachers to teach me or guide me
I had to find my own way
I tried to do what my parents expected and went to school and got a good job
But I was still unhappy and dissatisfied
I could not fit my round peg into their square whole
I couldn’t not not think outside the box
I had so many ideas and so many possible solutions but no one to hear me or consider it
I realized in order to change the world I had to do it my way, not within the confines of someone else’s organization and their rules and processes
The worlds I travel in are beyond this reality but very much real
I can travel to the spirit world and get answers, guidance and healing
I can use energy healing to help shift healing in others
I can teach others to heal themselves and their loved ones
I can access divine wisdom through tools like meditation, Tarot and shamanism
I can teach others to do this as well
I can work with the land and help clear and heal, therein healing all living sentients on the planet
I continue to challenge myself, study and learn new ways to help myself, my clients and my loved ones
This is about a journey, not as just an individual, but also as a collective and I am here to guide, assist and evolve with my brothers and sisters of the human, animal and plant worlds.  All my work contributes to this.
Amen, Aho and So It IS!


What People Say
This is an important gathering because it forms a group affirmation/appreciation of a long held secret among mystics and theologians… Your gathering promotes the feminine wisdom tradition and brings it to a necessary prominence in our hearts and in in our culture!

Peter Lanzillotta,

Peter Lanzillotta,

A beautiful and empowering gathering of like minded women. The energy was wonderful, looking forward to going again next month

Alyson Kise

Alyson Kise

It was a wonderful gathering of like minded women supporting each other. This was my first Red Tent that I attended and the positive energy I left with makes me look forward to the next one.

Shannon B Michalske

Shannon B Michalske


News and Articles
Change is Welcome

I’ve always been the kind of person who welcomed change.  It always baffled me that people resisted change or complained when things changed.  I mean, yes sometimes the situation changes…

The Golden Key

Years ago I performed a meditation to discover what I was doing right before I actually incarnated on earth in this present lifetime. I remember seeing my husband and my mother sitting around a conference table with other significant people in my future life on earth. We were all discussing our plans for our lives and everyone seemed happy and excited. As we dispersed, ready to be born in this world, I saw myself talking one on one with Archangel Gabriel. I don’t remember what was said bu […]

Covid and Rising Above Trauma That Has Been Handed Down to Us

Me and my maternal grandparents It’s been six months since we went on lockdown because of Covid-19 and it literally has changed everything and…not.  Let me explain, in the beginning I was listening to the news, watching the Covid maps and paying attention to the numbers but about a few months in I FELT like I was not getting a perspective on Covid that was based on truth…The reason why I capitalized FELT is because this is the basis of our intuition and our intuiti […]