Montana Megaliths: Giants and Dragons


Three years ago I visited an amazing place, the Montana Megaliths in the Helena MT area.  I was signed up for a newsletter that spoke about them the first time and then I ended up forwarding it to a friend.  She ended up traveling there in 2017 to see them and then asked me if I wanted to see them in 2018. The keeper and discovered of these megaliths is Julie Ryder and you can’t see them without her accompanying you.  To this day she is is still discovering more megalithic structures and more recently, fossilized beings. She does an excellent job of explaining what she has found and linking to other researchers on her website

Back To Giant’s Playground 

I decided to visit the area again in June 2021 because of all the new sites to see.  My friend I mentioned above accompanied me as well. The first place we revisited was Giants Playground.  It’s always neat to see this place and the beings there are amazing.  It really feels like giants just stacked rocks into formations and that you could play with in the area: you can stand under large dolmens like the Evergreen Dolmen or crawl through places under the rocks.  Other areas have a healing energy to them and one wants to stand near the stones, or touch them with your hands or forehead. 

Standing under the Evergreen Dolmen at Giant’s Playground
Connecting with the healing energy of the stones at Giant’s Playground

Some of these rocks seems like they were naturally put there, but once you see their formations, and study them, you suddenly start to see faces and figures in the stones. When I was in France in 2017, I saw something similar in a cave there. It takes an open mind and practice to see the faces and formations.  Luckily my friend and I can readily see them and Julie actually expressed her gratefulness to us that we were quick to recognize what they were.  I can imagine it would be exhausting to explain that there was a formation there and someone stands there and never sees it. 

One of the megalithic stone structures in Giant’s Playground is the Pink Vault and it’s simply astounding. There’s no way this is natural but was put there by humans, ancient astronauts or beings with a sophisticated technology (whether from Earth or not). 

The Pink Vault

There was another pink granite stone sandwiched by grey stones in Giant’s Playground that was unnamed.  After some pondering, I came up with the name Resurrection Stone. 

Resurrection Stone

Fossilized Dragons

I was excited to see the fossilized dragons.  We saw many of them on this trip.  My two favorite ones were what I called Baby Dragon with her magnificent eye and the Bejeweled Dragon (she didn’t have a name and Julie allowed me to name her).

I was especially interested to see the Dragon Eye because it looked so amazing in the pics.  It’s located right off a dirt road. I was able to walk up a short steep area to reach her and I was able to put my hands right on the rock and touch my forehead to her.  The power emanating from her was strong and my friend mentioned it as well, it was so powerful that when I closed my eyes and touched the rocks, the ground seemed to move beneath me as well as the rocks beneath my hands. As I connected to her energy I realized which was trapped within the rock and I knew that I had to release her. I asked her if she would like to stay in the area or go back to her home planet.  She replied she would like to go home.  I watched as her energy left the rock and she was released into the skies.  When you help release a being, it feels amazing, like you’ve been holding your breath for a long time and can finally exhale. It feels similar to when a ghost finalizes goes home into the light.

Baby Dragon’s Eye

My other favorite dragon was at the Gates to the Mountains complex along the Missouri River. This dragon was also located along a road and she was huge.  She had an interesting formation around her neck that looked like a collar. I was able to walk up to this dragon as well and touch the stones at her foundation.  Once I did I realized that she was trapped there as well. The collar was keeping her there.  Like the baby dragon, the energy was very strong and I felt like the stones I was touching were moving under my fingers as well as under my feet. I released her from the rock and she decided to stay in the area instead of returning home. Since she was free, her collar became a bejeweled one, hence her name the Bejeweled Dragon.

Bejeweled dragon

Speaking of being trapped, there are Giant feet in the area that looks like they have shackles around their ankles.  I was called to release them as well but soon realized that they were casualties of war and their captors, also giants, did not want to release them.  So their story is to be continued. 

It was difficult to see the feet formations but Julie has wonderful pics of them on her website. 

If you ever get a chance to go out to Montana I highly recommend it. I have been to Montana six times and will continue to visit in the future.