Why I am Glad I Got Covid


Last year in February 2020, I just celebrated my birthday with friends and then everything was locked down because of Covid (CVD). A few months in, I felt like I was being lied to.  I wasn’t sure from whom or what, but I felt like the narrative was false about the virus. As everyone in the world panicked about the virus, I made sure I stayed away from media posts and news outlets, and I did my best to disconnect from the fear surrounding CVD. 

As the year continued, I noticed that people were contracting it and announcing friends and relatives were dying from it on social media.  But I had this strange sensation that I was just observing this and not partaking in it.  I told my closest friends that I felt like I was on a different timeline, that it was happening all around me but not to me.

I must be honest that I thought everyone would contract it eventually and I still feel this way. However, I believe my immune system is strong and I felt like when I did get it, it would be mild.  Well, I was wrong about that. In July I tested positive for CVD. The previous two weeks before the test, I had spent time with my family at the beach and taught several Reiki classes to a small group of students. On the first day of symptoms, I woke up with a stomachache and had it all day till I got a bad headache later that evening.  I also had a strange tickle in my throat that I thought was odd.

The next several days I developed a bad head cold: I was stuffed up and had sinus pain but no runny nose.  I also lost my sense of smell but not my taste and I started to worry that I had CVD.  I got tested and tested positive.  Let me tell you I was devastated and a little shocked.  I guess I was participating in this timeline now.

On the same day I got tested, that evening I got a migraine.  It started at the base of my neck, as a lot of my headaches start, but I began to see auras and I knew what that meant…I am not sure if it was CVD or worry and stress over CVD that triggered it.  The next day, which was day six of my symptoms, I started to cough, and I maintained a low-grade fever from 99-101 for the next week. In addition, I felt tired and short of breath when I walked up and down the stairs.

Once I started to feel unwell and worried about this progressing badly, I posted on social media that I tested positive for CVD and asked for my fellow energy healers and prayer warriors for their help. I knew that this would give me an extra boost in healing, and it did.  Thirty minutes after posted, I was laying in bed and felt suddenly hot and I knew that I was feeling all the well wishes from my family and friends. Lots of people messaged me to check in on me, got me medicine and dropped it off at my house, and called me while I was laid up watching 90 Day Finance 😊

I was never bed ridden.  I got up every day, changed my clothes and walked downstairs no matter how funky I was feeling.  I really didn’t have any energy so all I could do was watch TV.  I couldn’t even read because I was experiencing sinus headaches, which I discovered that drinking coconut water could alleviate! I slept well, besides the coughing that would trigger when I first laid down to sleep.  Sucking on a cough drop before I went to bed alleviated that.

It’s been a long time since I had the flu, maybe over 20 years ago but when people describe having the flu, they say it feels like “you’ve been hit by a truck.” I never felt like that because I was not bedridden.  But I did feel like I had a mild flu because it took two weeks to really get better. Everyday I would say to myself that tomorrow would be better, and I felt the same.  This was frustrating because as a healthy person with no illnesses, this seemed to take it’s time going through me.

Emotionally it was scary.  There is a lot of fear wrapped up around CVD and energy wise you can get sucked into it.  It felt like there was this massive blob of fear that connected its tentacles to me and wanted to consume me and I said no, I am not doing that.  Every time my mind started to panic about what could happen, I had to stop that thought and repeat a positive mantra to myself, like “I am a healthy person, my immune system is strong, my body can fight this” etc. Imagine someone that doesn’t know how to manage their thoughts and their fears?  You can drop down a dark hole of fear as a result quickly.
I was angry I got it and confused on how I contracted it.  I contacted everyone that I was with that previous two weeks before the symptoms started, and no one was sick or got sick.  Two of my students tested negative for the virus and never got sick.  As I traced my activities the previous two weeks, I am sure I got the CVD when I was at the beach and probably shopping even though I sanitized my hands every time I got back in the car. Or I got it from someone who was asymptomatic. 

After I recovered and the fever went away, the cough stayed for a few weeks.  I also have not gotten my smell back completely but it’s coming back incrementally. I get excited when I am in another room and I smell what’s cooking in the kitchen, like garlic bread. After my fever went away, I felt down, almost depressed.  I call it the CVD depression. This is very unlike me. I was thinking thoughts like, what’s the point, who cares, everyone is a possible contaminant.  This lasted several days.  I spoke and cried to my husband about it and that helped me get through it, after that I was better.  Once I was over the doldrums hump, I felt different like my heart was opened. I felt compassionate toward myself and everyone else. It was quite surprising!

I feel like I had to get CVD to work on CVD energetically and spiritually if that makes sense.  Part of my mission on the planet is to do massive clearings and ceremonies to track this planet onto more benevolent timelines.  I feel like I have received the green light to do this because I got through CVD. And since then, I have been working on it with my light worker friends.

Last week I received a huge validation from my doctor.  Because I got the virus and was unvaccinated, my level of antigens is 13 times the level of someone who was vaccinated.  This claim is the result of studying Israel and its experience with CVD. She also told me that I had immunity to all future variants. What a relief!

Up until I got the virus, I was ignoring what was happening with the world because of it.  Of course, now I can no longer do this. I feel like I received an additional awakening because of it and now I see more clearly now what is going on in the world.

Lastly, the virus is not anyone’s fault.  Right now, everyone seems to point their fingers at each other, trying to find someone to blame for the virus.  We are all innocent. However, the virus is out there, and we have to learn to live with it. Let’s try to be more compassionate with each other and help each other through this.  Blaming, judging, and attacking one another doesn’t help anything.

I have been experiencing some odd symptoms since I have recovered.  For three weeks I had abdominal pain and saw my doctor and test results came back normal.  When the abdominal pain eased, I started to get a tickle in my throat that turned into a sore throat, that has already lasted three weeks despite taking allergy medicine and testing negative for strep.  I am started to realize that these may be long haul symptoms even though, ironically, I never had a sore throat when sick with CVD. 

PS Vaccination, whether you chose one or not, is a super contentious subject right now. I refuse to get in a debate over this.  It’s an individual choice and if you disagree with me you can go ahead and disconnect from me. If I receive messages that include blame, judgement, or attack, you will be blocked. Your blame, judgement and attacks are the result of your fear that you have projected out to others. My suggestion would be to work on your fear, manage your fearful thoughts and try to find your inner calm, however you might choose to. Once you do this you will be open to the truth.