Hearing Voices? That’s Normal


Yes I said it.  

Hearing voices is normal.  If people tell you it’s not normal, then they are lying to you.

Everybody goes around with several voices in their head at all times.  I’ll use myself as a example.  

Ego: you should get up earlier in the morning and get things done

Fear: what if I wake up tired because I didn’t get enough sleep?

Spirit Guide:  it would be great if you could go to bed earlier, but I know you and you’re a night owl.  So you should lovingly accept that you will never be a morning person and move on.  

I like my spirit guide 🙂

So this is really what it is like, for everyone.  Have you seen that movie Inside Out?  Cute movie but I didn’t like how it only had one positive emotion: Joy.  And by the way anger and annoyance is the same thing.  

Here’s where it becomes a problem, when you allow the negative voices to trump the positive ones.  If these negative voices take over your life and you don’t know how to manage them, this could schizophrenia which requires medication because you become a danger to yourself and others.  

Today I spoke with a client who wanted a clearing.  She said she heard voices in her head telling her negative things.  I told her all the things she could do if this was true: clearing her environment and self with sage, shielding herself in a ball of protective light morning and night, praying, commanding such spirits to leave her alone and stop talking her.

As we were talking she said she could still hear the voices.  I connected with Archangel Michael and he told me it was coming from fear and anxiety within her.  So it wasn’t negative spirits outside of her torturing her, it was herself!  

Hopefully she will take my advice and start focusing on the positive voices not the negative ones.  And doing all the protective actions should help empower her.  

When you are having any kind of problem, ask yourself, is it coming from me or outside myself?  And listen to what your intuition tells you, not what fear would like you to believe.