Karma: How Your Past Lives Affect You Now

Recently, on Facebook, I asked my followers what topics they would like me to write about, the first suggestion was to write about karma and past lives (thanks Johnny Rockwell). There are books written on this topic, but I will focus on what my experience has been with karma and past lives as well as my client’s experiences.

When I first started diving into all things esoteric, past lives were one of my favorite topics to research. As many of you know, I am an avid reader and researcher, I have read many books on karma/past lives, attended conferences, and received many readings on this topic. Karma, simply defined, means fate or destiny resulting from one’s previous actions. Essentially, this is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever you do, think, or feel will come back to you.

This is where it gets interesting.  Our past lives, or rather other lives as I like to call it, affect our current one.  It seems that anything that was unresolved, declared, or vowed, traumatically experienced (including how you died) in other lives can affect you in this lifetime.  This doesn’t seem fair since we don’t even remember what our other lives are and it takes WORK to discover what they are.  In order to understand my past lives I have had to hire other psychics/mediums to do readings for me, do shamanic journeys, meditate a lot, and pay attention to my feelings and own intuitive hits.  All of this takes time and effort but it’s worth it.  You learn a lot about yourself and who you really are and why you are the way you are. Many people ask me how I know these things about myself and that’s because I am always exploring who I am.

The best way to explain the impact of karma on our past lives is to give you real-life examples. Some of the most dramatic illnesses can be tied to other lives.

Example 1

A woman came to see me because she was experiencing constant headaches and migraines.  She had seen all the doctors, and her neurosurgeon was recommending surgery.  She felt in her heart that she did not want to get surgery even though she was in pain every day all day long.  She told me that this session with me was her last attempt to heal her headaches before getting surgery.  It took two sessions to figure out the cause of her headaches.  The first session I did was Reiki and she enjoyed it but felt it was OK.  I offered to perform another healing modality for her, called Access Bars Consciousness.  She enjoyed this more, and this is where I saw an energetic or etheric arrow lodged in her head.  I knew that this was a way she had died in another lifetime.  I removed the energy with Reiki psychic surgery, filled the space with Reiki, and sealed it off.  After the session, I told her what I found and that I believed this was the cause of her headaches and migraines. For weeks after the session, I didn’t hear from her.  Finally, she texted me and said that her headaches were gone and she did not text me right away because she could not believe it!

Example 2

I saw a Reiki student of mine for two sessions.  She was suffering from bad heartburn.  In her second session, she told me, “I feel like someone is choking me.” This raised a big red flag for me and I was determined to find out why she felt this way. As a focused giving Reiki at her throat, I stretched out my Spidey senses around her to see what I could pick up.  I became aware of a male spirit in the room and his energy did not feel nice. I felt into his energy, and he felt like a male with my client who has many other lives.  In those other lives, he abused her in a multitude of ways, including choking her!  I knew right away that this was the source of her discomfort, and I told him, “You must leave. You cannot be around her anymore.” He argued with me and said, “She must leave her husband.”  I almost chucked his audacity.  I mean really, she was very happily married.  He demanded him to go and he conceded and went in the Light.  As far as I know, she no longer suffers from heartburn or choking sensations.

These are just two examples of how karma from other lives can bleed into the present.  I recommend reading Brian Weiss’s books on past lives, including Many Lives, Many Masters. I recently read a book based on past life hypnosis called Children of the Stars by JLT Sullivan.  This was an incredible past-life recall of a woman who lived in the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis and I absolutely loved it! 

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Have a great November!