Shamanic Journeying and soul retrievals with Tina k clarke

Shamanic Healing

The word shaman comes from the language of a tribe in Siberia. A shaman is a man or woman who “journeys” in an altered state of consciousness. The journey is usually induced by rhythmic drumming or other percussion sound, a rattle for example. The uses of the shamanic journey are many, including diagnosing or treating illness or receiving guidance by interacting with spirits, i.e., power animals, spiritual teachers and angels.

Shamanic Journeying is an ancient divination tool to receive guidance from spirit. It is like having a lucid dream, yet you are awake and aware of what’s going on. It is also like a self-guided meditation. You can journey to find spiritual guidance or advice on yourself or others. To receive a shamanic journey on your specific questions click here.

A soul retrieval is a specific journey with the invention of retrieving your lost soul pieces. A traumatic event, or a very happy one, can split your soul apart where a piece of the soul gets stuck at that event. Often times people who need a soul retrieval feel like they are missing something or they don’t feel whole. Once these lost soul pieces are retrieved, they can better acclimate those pieces into their lives and better integrate at the soul level. If you would like to book a soul retrieval click here.


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