Years ago I performed a meditation to discover what I was doing right before I actually incarnated on earth in this present lifetime. I remember seeing my husband and my mother sitting around a conference table with other significant people in my future life on earth. We were all discussing our plans for our lives and everyone seemed happy and excited. As we dispersed, ready to be born in this world, I saw myself talking one on one with Archangel Gabriel. I don’t remember what was said but he handed me a golden key.

I often pondered what this golden key meant. My best guess was it represented my psychic skills, the key to this current lifetime. 

Today I received a further clue on what this key means. I had a healing session with a client of mine. I’ve known her for years and she’s been practicing energy healing and shamanism for more than 20 years longer than I have. I will call her Bethany. 

Bethany was severely abused physically, emotionally and sexually as a child by her parents and many others. I would say out of all my clients, my sessions with her are the most challenging. 

In and around her brain I saw an etheric cage with a lock on it. When I shared this vision with Bethany, she knew instantly what this represented. She said that her father locked her mind and therefore she could not think straight, write her books or use her psychic and shamanic skills fully. 

Suddenly I had a lightbulb moment. I thought of the key that Archangel Gabriel gave me. If this is the key to my psychic skills, could it unlock Bethany’s cage? When we asked our angels and guides about it we got a yes!

I asked the gifter of the key, Archangel Gabriel, to unlock the cage and he did. I watched as the cage slowly disappeared from her brain. Bethany confirmed that energy was moving, feeling chills running down her arms.

I share this story because sometimes we don’t know what Spirit has in store for us, or why they show us symbols. Sometimes it takes years to discover the real meaning of a symbol. But when you make an additional discovery on its meaning, it can be quite profound and dramatic.

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