I’ve always been the kind of person who welcomed change.  It always baffled me that people resisted change or complained when things changed.  I mean, yes sometimes the situation changes and it’s not how you want it to be or imagined…but isn’t change inevitable?  The more you accept change and flow with life, the easier it is. Resistance makes you uncomfortable and can even manifest itself as physical pain. If you are not sure what what might be causing the pain (it could be unconscious resistance after all), contact me and we’ll figure it out together! 

I have wanted to offer my courses online for years, especially after Covid hit and we were all stuck at home.  I have hired a fabulous marketing company called Vicariously Me to help me do this: they are transferring by website to a better platform, redesigning my website, streamlining my email system and more.  In the next four months all my courses should be available online and on demand.  This is exciting! 

How is this going to affect my in person course offerings?  I am looking to create more of a weekend experience for my students that might look something like this: take a Reiki certification class at a relaxing location in nature and include options for an energy healing session, massage, meditation or yoga etc.  Well that’s my thought process for now and will evolve as I think and feel more on it.

This is where you come into the picture.  What classes are you interested in taking?  What would you like to learn? How would you like to learn it?  I had breakfast with friends this morning and we were discussing grudges…a friend said that would be a great class:  how to move on and let go of grudges!  That’s something I have worked on for a LONG time myself. 

My summer plans are many and I am taking a break from teaching but will be back at it In September.  Below are the Reiki classes left on the 2022 schedule.  

Have a great summer!