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life purpose coaching Tina k clarke

​Discover Your Life Purpose:
An Online Adventure to Discover Your Calling

Have you ever wandered what your life purpose was?  Have you ever had the feeling that you were here on earth to do something unique and special? Do you struggle to identify your strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize them in your special calling? Are you ready to discover who you are and choose the person you WANT to be? Well this class is for you!

This class will help you discover your life purpose by…

    • examining your childhood influences and resulting passions and interests
    • identifying your talents, skills and personality type
    • utilizing your life changing experiences and identifying synchronicities to help you along your path
    • eliminating limiting beliefs and identifying your purpose
    • creating your manifesto and rewriting your life story and
    • reflecting upon and changing unconstructive beliefs

After taking this class, you should truly clear on who you were, what influenced you, who you want to be and what beliefs you want to move forward with.  Even better, you will know what your life purpose is and create a manifesto to guide you as you follow that unique calling that drives you.

Class will meet online on Zoom for 6 weeks at 2-hour intervals. This class meets a total of 12 hours. Class discussion and participation will be an important part of this experience. All classes will be recorded in case a student can not attend in person.  Homework is an important part of this class.  All homework must be completed before the start of each weekly class.

Required workbook: Discover Your Life Purpose Workbook by Transformation Academy on Amazon.

Class fee: $222

Registration and payment link:

Class Dates and Times: Every Wednesday from April 14-May 19th 2021, 7-9PM, Zoom. 


About the Teacher/Life Purpose Coach
Tina is the Founder of Stargazing Angel LLC and she is a Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Energy Healer.  She has helped over 400 clients and certified over 50 Reiki students since 2014.  She became a Life Purpose Coach because she often had clients coming to her that were searching for their life purpose or felt stuck and unable to progress in life. Now she is excited to be able to offer a structured class for anyone who is searching for their life purpose.


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