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Discover Your Life Purpose:
Find Your Calling

In this transformative class, you’ll embark on a journey to discover your life purpose by delving into various aspects of your life:

  1. Examining Childhood Influences: Explore the roots of your passions and interests that emerged from your early experiences.
  2. Identifying Talents, Skills, and Personality Type: Uncover your innate talents, skills, and unique personality traits that shape who you are.
  3. Utilizing Life-Changing Experiences and Synchronicities: Harness the power of significant life experiences and synchronicities to guide you along your purposeful path.
  4. Eliminating Limiting Beliefs: Identify and overcome limiting beliefs that may be hindering your true potential.
  5. Creating Your Manifesto: Craft a powerful manifesto that encapsulates your values, aspirations, and the essence of your purpose.
  6. Rewriting Your Life Story: Reflect upon your life journey and rewrite your narrative, empowering yourself to shape your future.
  7. Reflecting Upon and Changing Unconstructive Beliefs: Evaluate and transform unconstructive beliefs that may be holding you back.

By the end of this class, you will gain clarity on your past, present, and future self. Armed with a profound understanding of your influences and aspirations, you’ll not only discover your life purpose but also create a manifesto to guide you on your unique and purpose-driven journey.

Date: TBD 2024

Required workbook: Discover Your Life Purpose Workbook by Natalie Rivera on Amazon. Purchase the book here…

About the Teacher/Life Purpose Coach

Tina Clarke, the visionary Founder of Stargazing Angel LLC, is not only a highly skilled Reiki Master Teacher but also a Shamanic Energy Healer. Since 2014, she has made a profound impact, aiding over 400 clients on their healing journeys and certifying over 80 Reiki students in the art of energy healing.

Motivated by a genuine desire to guide individuals toward purposeful living, Tina expanded her expertise to become a Life Purpose Coach. Recognizing the common struggles of those seeking their life’s purpose or feeling stagnant in their personal growth, Tina is thrilled to unveil a structured class. This class is thoughtfully designed to provide guidance and clarity for anyone navigating the journey of self-discovery and searching for their unique life purpose.

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