Where are you located? Summerville SC which is a small town outside Charleston SC

I don’t live near Charleston; can I still work with you?  Yes, I offer remote sessions for energy healing, shamanic healing, EFT, Intuitive counseling, Tarot, and mediumship readings and more. 


Energy Healing

Why should I choose you for energy healing?  I am certified in multiple energy healing modalities including Reiki Master Teacher.  I have work with over 400 clients to date. I have over 20 five-star reviews on Google business with more testimonials found on my website. 

What is an energy healing session like?  Receiving energy healing is very relaxing and peaceful.  It’s similar to feeling like you received a massage, but I did not massage you. 

What should I wear to an energy healing session?  Something comfortable and loose.  You will be lying comfortably on a Reiki table fully dressed to receiving energy healing.  

What does energy healing help with? Chronic pain, symptoms that doctors can not identify the cause, anxiety, depression, sleep issues and more. 

I have had a chronic problem for many years. How many sessions do you recommend?  At least three sessions or more until you are free from pain or feel like you resolved the problem. 


Shamanic Healing

Can I be present when you journey for me?  Yes, but I can also journey for you remotely as well.

What does a shamanic journey do?  A shamanic journey can answer questions about big life issues, such as life purpose, romance, business or even health issues. Spiritually I can journey into your past lives as well.

Can you do a soul retrieval remotely?  Yes, I use a proxy crystal to hold your lost soul pieces and I mail it to you after the session with instructions on how to integrate the pieces. 

How do I know I need a soul retrieval?  If you feel like you’re missing a part of yourself or you do not feel whole, a soul retrieval can remedy this! 


Mediumship Readings

Can you contact a certain passed loved one?  Yes, most of the time I can communicate with a specific loved one.  Otherwise passed loved ones come forward who MOST want to speak with you.

Is it safe to communicate with the dead?  Yes, because I always call-in angelic protection before I start communication. 


Tarot Readings

How long have you been giving Tarot readings? Since 2014. 

What can a Tarot reading help me with?  Tarot is a divine tool to help receive the answers you need.  Tarot offers guidance and points out any past, present, and possible future challenges in your life. You can ask specific questions or be open to what Tarot will reveal to you.  


Reiki Certification Classes

What type of Reiki do you teach? Usui Tibetan Reiki

How long have you been a Reiki Master teacher and how long have you been teaching Reiki?  I became a Reiki Master teacher in 2015 and started teaching in 2016.  I have taught over 60 students Reiki, some of those students took multiple Reiki certification classes. 

Why should I get certified in Reiki? Reiki is an established as a well-known energy healing modality that uses healing symbols to boost healing.  Reiki is a meditative practice and when you quiet your mind, you may feel intuitive nudges or messages while giving Reiki.  When someone asks me how they can strengthen their psychic skills, I always recommend Reiki training because it’s a modality that helps you practice clearing your mind and tuning into your intuitive senses. 

According to well established Reiki master teacher and author Diane Stein, “Every family needs a healer.”  You can give Reiki anytime and anywhere. It only helps and never hinders. 

What are the different levels of Reiki?  I teach four levels: 1, 2, 3 and Reiki Master teacher.  Reiki 1 focuses on physical healing, Reiki 2 focuses on emotional and mental healing as well as sending Reiki across distance, Reiki 3 or Reiki Master teaches you how to do psychic surgery and utilize Reiki master symbols, and Reiki Master Teacher training teaches you how to give attunements (for all Reiki levels and for additional healing). 

Do I have to take all levels of Reiki?  No, you do not, but you will not finish your Reiki journey if you do not take all the levels.  Each level gives you more healing symbols and techniques to work with.  It’s optional to take Reiki Master Teacher, but what could be better than teaching others how to heal themselves and their loved ones? 


Shamanism classes

What shamanism classes do you teach? How to Shamanic Journey to Find Your Power Animals (Level 1), Soul Retrievals (Level 2), Psychopomp or Guiding Souls Into the Light (Level 3), and Sacred Ceremony (Level 4). 

Is there a prerequisite to taking level 1? Yes, even level 1 is a moderate/advanced level.  You must be clairvoyant (see spirit) and clairaudient (hear spirit) to take level 1.  Even some students struggle with this class if they meet the prerequisite.  Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss it more in depth before signing up for the class. 


These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you did not find the answer to your questions either on my site or on this page, send me an email [email protected]