Me and my maternal grandparents
It’s been six months since we went on lockdown because of Covid-19 and it literally has changed everything and…not.  Let me explain, in the beginning I was listening to the news, watching the Covid maps and paying attention to the numbers but about a few months in I FELT like I was not getting a perspective on Covid that was based on truth…The reason why I capitalized FELT is because this is the basis of our intuition and our intuition never steers us wrong.  Unfortunately in our culture in the USA, we are not taught to listen to our feelings and told to focus on thought analysis instead.  In my opinion, this disconnects us from our feelings and intuition which directly connects us to our higher selves. As a result of feeling like I was being lied to, I unsubscribed to the news outlets, stopped listening to the news and disconnected to what I call the Beast of Fear because I no longer wanted to feed it. Now things seem more normal to me, of course I know that things have changed, but it doesn’t really affect me until I have to go shopping and wear a mask and I avoid that a lot.

I was reflecting on Covid and what it means big picture wise—I always think and reflect in this way. It makes sense that one of my power animals is hawk, because hawk requires me to rise above the details and look at the big picture. I often think about my ancestors and the struggles that they went through to survive and there were many.  My maternal grandmother was an orphan in the Philippines and she lost her entire family to the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.  She married young, at the age of 16, and I assume it was because she literally had no one left to take care of her.  I understand that this fear or trauma can be passed down to future generations down to me.  I am happy to say that I have not allowed Covid-19 to trigger a fear within me that may have come from my grandmother’s experience (her fear was extremely valid of course).  This is part of why I am here is to break unhealthy ancestral patterns, including traumatic ones. 

Furthermore, I performed a meditation to connect with my ancestors.  I saw them all lined up in rows, almost a starburst pattern and I was in the center.  My maternal grandparents were standing there smiling at me and grandfather took my hands in his and said, “Tina, we gave you the very worst familial patterns to heal.”  He looked at me with great compassion.  I nodded my head, knowing what all this has meant so far and still what I must do.

Perhaps there’s a pattern in your family that you want to heal, whether it’s addiction, depression, anxiety, mental illness or even a pattern like giving up on one’s health because life is simply too hard. Maybe you are already aware of it or maybe after some reflection, you suddenly identify it.  You are not stuck with this pattern…and your will and intention to change it is the fuel to change that unhealthy familial pattern, backwards into the past and forwards into the future.  Energy healing such as Reiki, Intuitive counseling and communicating with your ancestors via mediumship can and will help you heal it.  Contact me if you are interesting in this type of healing or desire more guidance and information on healing unhealthy familial patterns.