This class explores mediumship, the ability to communicate with spirit. This class includes lessons in.... What is Spirit? The Six Clair Senses (ESP or psychic senses) Other Psychic Senses Psychometry Practice (receiving psychic impressions from objects) What is Mediumship? Meditation: Meet Your Spirit Guide or Angel Psychic Practice How to do a Mediumship Reading Self-Care for Mediums ​Recommended Reading and Classes Interested in taking this class? Email me to be put on the list for a future class!

Mediumship Reading

Connect with your passed loved ones and your spirit helpers like angels and guides. Find closure by communicating with passed loves ones and connect with them while receiving messages from them.

Know that they continue to live and thrive on the Other Side, all the while they are still connected to you and guiding you in spiritual form.

This a truly healing and comforting experience!

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