There are mainly two types of spirits that may attach to a person: a ghost which is a person who lived and died but has not fully transitioned into the light or a non-human spirit entity.  The latter is a being that has an inner light but has forgotten or turned away from it.  It could be anything from a shadow person to a demonic entity, what I call a dark entity or a trickster.

Spirit attachments are quite common, and I encounter them a lot.  What would make you vulnerable to a spirit attachment?  The following are instances that could make you vulnerable:

  • Personality or occupation: Old souls, lightworkers or starseeds, psychics, empaths, people who work with the dead and dying (nurses, doctors, hospital workers, police, EMT etc.), near death experience, dismemberment in this life or another lifetime
  • Physical health challenges: Surgery, blood transfusion or organ donation, accidents, birth defects
  • Mental and emotional challenges: mental illness (personality disorders, depression), insanity, experiencing terror, broken heart
  • Abuse: sexual, emotional or physical, war, terror
  • Dark Magic: Occult exploration without invocation of Light/Angels, hexes and curses, music advocating drugs or a dark path
  • Behavior: criminal, use of alcohol or drugs (illegal or legal) equates to tacit permission for invasion
  • Trauma: loss of a loved one, witnessing harm to a loved one

Signs and symptoms if a Spirit Attachment

There are many signs and symptoms, but some of the typical ones are:

  • Hearing a negative voice telling you to hurt yourself or others
  • Sudden onset of drug or alcohol use
  • Inconsistent or abnormal behavior
  • Unfamiliar reactions to familiar situations
  • Personality changes following surgery, organ transplant, accident, emotional upset or moving into a new home
  • When past life therapy does not work
  • Feeling ungrounded or disconnected
  • Emptiness
  • Numbness
  • Hostility and defensiveness
  • Intense reaction to spirit releasement
  • PTSD
  • Bad dreams/nightmares and
  • Struggling to connect to your spirit team if you have been doing so previously with no problems.

Phrases that Indicate a Spirit Attachment

  • My “loved one” is still with me
  • I can still hear my loved one’s voice
  • There’s always a little voice inside me that says have one more drink/hit
  • It feels like there is someone else inside my body. It feels like I am not alone and I feel like I am being watched
  • It does not feel like my anger. It is like someone just lashes out. I’m always surprised when it happens
  • People tell me when I drink I become another person
  • Part of me wants to do one thing and another part wants to do something else

What are the options for healing and removing a spirit attachment?  First all seek a professional to remove it.  This healer must have a shamanic ability, this includes psychic and mediumship skills. If you do nothing about a spirit attachment you will continue to suffer from the effects of it, including loss of energy, interference with your goals and passions, feeling like you’re being watched or feeling uncomfortable knowing that another entity is close by etc.  The non-human entities may grow stronger over time or affect your family members and feed off their energy as well.  This could very well lead to possession, although this will take some time and will not happen as quickly the movies portray it to happen. By the way I have not encountered anyone possessed by an entity but only affected negatively by one or more of them.

The key is to do not panic!  After all the ghost or entity feeds off negative energy, so you are only providing more “food” for them.  Seek the right help so you can move on with your life.

If you would like clarification on spirit attachments or suspect you have one, I offer a Shamanic Energy Clearing Session that will scan your energy field for attachments, energetic cords that are not good for you and ill wishes/hexes/curses that may be affecting you. The latter is not common, but I do encounter them.

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