Do you Feel Uncomfortable in Your Home? Are Your Family Members Acting Weird? Read this.

Lately I have been doing a lot of Clearing and Blessings of Property and I wanted to explain what this is and exactly how it can help change the feel of your home and affect your family’s behavior.  Clearing a property removes old energy or spirit beings that have refused to leave the property.  Blessing the property enforces the clearing and lays an energetic boundary so that only positive energy can cross the property line.  It all comes down to energy…

You are Affected by Energy

Everything is made up of energy.  You, me and even the chair you’re sitting on.  Everything has a different vibration.  The chair vibrates slowly and you vibrate at a higher level because you have movement.  And there are many things, rather beings, which vibrate at an even higher level.  They vibrate so high that they appear invisible to you, but for someone who can see quite well with my third eye, I see, feel, and hear them too. 

Your emotions are energy.  Strong emotions, like happiness or hatred, can be left behind in a location.  This is why places like battlefields, old homes and asylums have a lot of leftover energy, whether it is emotional energy or actual people who lived there and never went home into the light (aka Heaven, the Source, the Creator, the afterlife etc.)

You Feel It but You Don’t Know What It Is

How can you tell the difference between leftover energy and a spirit being(s)?  It’s very difficult for someone who isn’t already a psychic medium to decipher what is going on.  A psychic will be able to feel and pick up on the energy.  A medium will be able to communicate with a spirit being and find out who they are and why they remain.  A shaman will be able to guide those beings back home into the light.

I can do all three. 

A Real Case Study

A woman named Anya recently contacted me about the activity in her town home.  She said that she saw shadows in her house, her husband was very angry lately and her son refused to leave the home.  She is sensitive enough to feel that the energy of her home was not right.  She suspected that a local battlefield had something to do with it.  And when her family leaves their home, they all feel better

This was really the key piece of evidence…the family felt and acted better when they were outside their home.  This made me sad because we all should feel safe and love to be in our home.  Luckily she was willing to try a clearing and blessing to improve the situation.  

When I conduct a clearing, I try to connect with a spirit being that can give me information about what’s going on, a helper so to speak.  I call on the guardians of the land.  In this case, a female stepped forward who felt like an elemental goddess and protector of the land in question.  She revealed to me that there were energetic ley lines running under the home which would explain the paranormal activity.  The solution was to send love and compassion into the land beneath the home.  All this takes is intention on the homeowner’s part, nothing fancy. 

My Son Sees an Old Man

Anya said that her youngest son told her he had been seeing an old man in the home as well.  I already felt that this was a ghost, a man who had lived and died and did not go home into the light.  I was right, and he told me that he was a farmer that had lived in the area.  I explained to him that he had passed and now had to go home.  Whenever I encounter a lost soul like this, I also call on any other lost souls in the area who are ready to go home.  The old man’s wife and son appeared, as well as three Confederate officers sitting on their horses. I guided them all into the light. 

Spirits Can Intensify Negative Feelings

Lastly, I scanned the energetic fields of everyone in the home.  All was clear except for the husband, who had been having anger management problems.  He had a spirit attachment, a spirit who was attached to him as a source of energy.  Many times ghosts attach themselves to living people because it can be a source of energy for them.  They would never do this if they had already gone home into the light, which has an endless source of energy. 

The spirit attachment was feeding off his anger.  In turn the husband felt even more anger.  And this becomes a vicious loop.  I removed the attachment and sent it to the light as well.  Note that simply banishing a negative being just sends it away (in Catholicism they call this an exorcism).  It doesn’t solve the problem and that spirit can attach itself to someone else.  This is why it’s extremely important to have someone guide them into the light.  This is the loving and compassionate thing to do because we all come from the same source, whether benevolent or negative. 

After conducting the clearing, I bless the home and property and seal the edges so that only loving energy will be welcome.  

Photo by Drew Coffman

The Energy Shifts
Oftentimes people can feel the difference right away after a clearing and blessing. Others will see a difference in a few days.  It will FEEL better overall.  Luckily, Anya updated me on how her family was doing recently,

“Things are so much better for my son, it’s incredible. He has been happy, spending lots of time outside (which he hasn’t wanted to do in over a year), and is just generally more of a typical kid. My husband seems better too.  I’m so glad we connected, I feel like things are really turning in a good direction all around!”

I have to commend Anya for taking the proactive step of clearing and blessing her home.  What would have been the alternative?  Living with energy that was disruptive to her family, causing anger and isolation? 

Take Control of How You Feel in Your Home

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