Happy New year and a New Decade! Knock Knock the Fourth Dimension is Calling

A rare selfie of myself in 2010

Reflections on the Past Decade

I felt compelled to write this blog post today because I was 1) inspired to review the last 10 years of my life thanks to fellow Shaman Khristee Rich and 2) I want to explain what is happening to us in terms of consciousness on this planet.  Today, New Year’s Eve and the Eve of a new decade, 2020s, is great time to reflect back on how far you have come in 10 years. 

The past 10 years have been really pivotal for me spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  I started out this past decade in 2010 becoming a mother for a second time.  In 2011 I had my first psychic reading and connected with my late father for the first time.  That experience was mind-blowing and opened me up to whole new spiritual worlds.  2014 was a pivotal year for me because I took a Tarot class that literally changed my life.  My Reiki teacher taught that class and I ended up getting Reiki trained in 2014 and 2015.  I also started practicing mediumship and integrating that into my energy healing sessions.  I discovered shamanic healing and learned how to shamanic journey and perform soul retrievals in 2015. And don’t forget I started blogging about all of this in 2014.

I started teaching this past decade and worked on my fear of public speaking enough that I can speak to small groups of people without breaking a sweat (I still get nervous though).   I started my business in 2014 and in the past year alone I doubled my income. 

I have always loved traveling and in the past decade I visited Spain, Austria, Hungary, Hawaii (twice!) and numerous Caribbean Islands like Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire.  I spent five days walking along the ancient megaliths of Montana, nine days visiting the sacred sites of Mary Magdalene in southern France and nine days visiting ancient technology sites in Mexico.  I spent a week crystal questing in Arkansas and digging up my own quartz crystals. 

I moved twice in the past decade.  A big move from Virginia to South Carolina in 2016 and a local move this past summer from North Charleston to Summerville. Hopefully we won’t move for a while now.  We purchased a vacation condo in Myrtle Beach which we try to enjoy as much as we can. 

My friends are my chosen family and they are very important to me. I made wonderful friends this past decade but in truth, I lost a lot of friends, especially from high school.  We simply changed too much or we just lost touch.  Interesting enough, I am still very much connected to friends I made in my childhood city of New York, maybe we are just truly bonded because of our location.  I’ve made wonderful friends here in South Carolina and met wonderful lightworkers and healers as well. 

My children have grown leaps and bounds.  My daughter Lily started the decade as 4 year old with a brand new baby sister.  Now Lily is 13 and almost as tall as I am and Charlotte is quickly catching up.  They keep us busy with all their activities: chorus, basketball, soccer and swimming.  But to be honest, we can be big homebodies too and stay home for days or entire weekends when we have time off.

What kind of changes have you gone through in the past decade?  Pause and reflect for a moment on how far you have come. 

The 4th Dimension is Here Knocking on Our Door

Now on to part two of this post: our rise in consciousness.  I have been really reflecting a lot lately on what is going on locally and globally in the world.  For those that personally know me, they know this is just how I operate and think.  When I first moved to my current neighborhood, I started delving into understanding why there was so much paranormal activity here despite the housing being less than 10 years old.  I came up with many different factors: being located in the 33rd parallel, the history of the land and location, the people themselves being mostly asleep or in the spiritual closet…but I have come to believe it’s really more than a local issue, I think this is a global issue.

I have recently come to realize that the proof of our ascension is here.  We have our feet in two worlds now, one is in the third dimension and the other is the fourth dimension. The third dimension is our physical world, the world that we are very familiar with and is extremely limiting.  The fourth dimension is harder to describe:

“So where is this 4th dimension? It is right here, all around us. We do not have to travel to it, it is not separated from the earth plane by distance or time. It is through the ‘portal’ or doorway of consciousness that a spirit must pass to enter the 4th dimension and we as humans can step through this doorway by one of two methods. The first and most obvious is by death of the physical body and the release of the soul. The second is by meditation, astral travel, near death experiences or out of body experiences. Basically this is when our minds enter an altered state of consciousness and split from our physical bodies.” (Supernatural Magazine)

For those of you who meditate, astral travel or shamanic journey, you see, feel and hear the fourth dimensional worlds and it FEELS as real as the third dimension.  I have been actively meditating and working in the fourth dimension since around 2011 and to be honest, I have felt fourth dimensional beings around me my whole life.  I am familiar with it and the variety of beings that you encounter.  And here’s the thing, we’ve come to the point where ordinary humans (the ones that scoff at all things magical) are seeing those beings and experiencing the fourth dimensional timeline too.  It’s the universe is saying, “Hey you thought angels weren’t real or spirit guides or even ghosts?  Wrong! Here’s a bunch of paranormal stuff that’s going to happen to you and will not have an explanation for it.”

You see paranormal is just a word for the unexplained.  The unexplained is unexplainable in the physical third dimension world by science, but all is possible in the fourth dimension and beyond.

“Spirits in the 4th dimension are not only able to see our 3D world but they can choose to intersect with it within the time continuum. Numerous appearances and disappearances of these 4th dimensional spirits are seen and recorded on a regular basis within our plane of reality. Spirits are pure energy and our bodies are merely physical manifestations of that energy, upon death we return to being pure energy. When a 4th dimension being enters our 3D world we view them as a combination of light energy and transparent 3D physicality. This energy or fine matter form is how spirits can move through walls at will. They effectively can ‘squeeze’ through the empty space in the molecules of the wall they are phasing through.” (Supernatural Magazine)

So what’s in store for us in 2020 and beyond? More of the unexplained, more of the paranormal, more synchronicities and more magic. AND I CAN”T WAIT.  This is the stuff I love.  I know I am here to help transition to the fourth dimension and beyond.  This is part of my main mission here on Earth.

There are all sorts of tools for you to start understanding and working with our new fourth dimensional reality that I will be teaching in many classes in the coming year.

So get real ladies and gents and hold on to your hats.  The fourth dimension is here (it always was) and the 5th dimension is around the corner!