How to Stand Up to a Bully Hurricane: Using Energy to Weaken Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence actual track

What’s the one thing you have to do to get a bully to stop bullying you?

Stand up to them.

Same thing with hurricanes. 

I first learned of people affecting the weather several years ago from my Reiki Master Teacher.  Her father, a Pentecostal minister, had the ability to move weather out of an area (albeit to somewhere else).

I thought, how fascinating!  I wanna do that.

Imagine a superpower where you can actually change the weather?

I never thought I could do it but I can. And I will tell you how. 

I started small.  I would ask for a certain type of weather when I really needed it.  I didn’t want to be selfish or push unwanted weather onto someone else for no reason.  For example, we were experiencing an especially rainy spring in 2016 in Northern Virginia.  I had booked a photo session with my favorite photographer one evening in May. I said to myself and Spirit: “Please clear the weather for us for a few hours, thank you I appreciate it so much!”  The universe cooperated and we were able to have a wonderful and non rainy photoshoot.

Pic taken after I asked for clear weather, 2016

More recently I attended an outdoor concert in Charleston SC.  It had been storming every day for weeks. As we took our seats I eyed the stormy clouds around us.  I requested, like before, “Please clear the weather in and around the stadium so my friends and I could enjoy the show. Thank you”  I even mentioned this request to the couple who accompanied us to the show, one of them is a skeptic and the other who is more open.

The skies remained clear above the stadium yet surrounded by clouds. We never got rained out.

Notice how the clouds are surrounding the stadium, but right above the concert the sky is clear, 2018.

 I even made sure our friends noticed.  They did notice. 

This is just two of many examples where I asked for certain weather and I received it.  Did I receive it every time? No. But most of the time I have. 

There’s no fancy magic or rituals.  Just a simply humble request, and a thank you.  Try it!

After moving to Charleston two years ago, we have had several run-ins with hurricanes, including Irma and Matthew.  I am not used to this type of weather and dealing with the uncertainty of whether to stay or to go. We dealt with many snowstorms in Virginia, but we simply prepared, hunkered down and got ready to be stuck in the house for a few days to a week.  We even lost power sometimes, the worst was after several days we had to throw out all the food in the refrigerator and freezer.

For both Matthew and Irma, I sent Reiki into the storm, understanding that storms, hurricanes and twisters contain the unresolved feelings of humans.  Yes humans. I drew pictures of the hurricanes sweeping out to sea. It all seemed to work. 

But the uncertainty around hurricanes is quite nerve racking.

The most recent hurricane is Hurricane Florence and at the writing of this blog post about to approach the NC coast.  She was an angry bully. I sent Reiki to her and worked on loosening the storm visually but she still persisted. She remained a Category 4. 

I realized I had to pull out the big guns here.  My friend, a seasoned storm buster, gave me a few guidelines to try and I started a warm salted bath.

Hey I do my best work in the bathtub!

I called on everyone: angels, guides, elementals, dragons, creatures of the sea etc All beings of the highest love and light.  A big part of what I do is using my clairvoyance to watch what happens. I believe if you witness it, it becomes a reality. So I worked on tapping the emotions of the hurricane: anger, betrayal, hopelessness, hatred etc.  Yes Hurricane Florence contained all these emotions and more. All of the these emotions came from Africa and Middle east and was hurling its way towards us on the east coast of the US.

And our fear and anxiety about the storm was pulling it toward us like a magnet. 

As an interesting aside, I had been hearing the song Africa by Toto constantly for months.  I mentioned it so much on Facebook that my friends started sending me memes about it. I got a particularly funny one below.


I wondered, am I supposed to go to Africa?  What is it about Africa does Spirit want me to know?  Now I realize they were giving me a heads up about the hurricanes, especially Florence.  

After the first night of work, I felt energized.  The storm that evening was a Category 4. I went to sleep and the next morning checked the forecast, it had downgraded to a 3, success! I checked with my storm busting friend and she said she felt a shift in energy as well.

We chatted by text and realized we still needed to do more work on the hurricane so we decided to do it together.  Since she was in Florida, we did it over the phone. This is not our first rodeo so to speak and have done a lot of work over the phone together. We tried to enter the center of the storm and still saw there was all these awful emotions swirling in there.

We connected with the living beings of the ocean…this made us sad.  They felt neglected, ignored and hopeless. We said the Hawaiian prayer of Ho’oponopono: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.  But we said it on behalf of ourselves and on behalf of all humanity: we are sorry, please forgive us, thank you and we love you.  We directed this to the ocean beings.

Funny thing is we got a surprised reaction.  This made me sad, since we have ill treated these beings for so long, our Sirian brothers and sisters, like the dolphins and the whales.  They were not used to any human apologizing to them. We asked for their help and they gathered together to talk about it. They did agree to help and we allowed them to do it in their own way. 

After 30 minutes of work we wrapped it up.  Personally I felt so hot with all the energy of those emotions, it was like having a hot flash.  It’s similar to when I am giving a Reiki treatment except more intense. Despite taking a 3 hour nap earlier, I was ready for bed.  The storm was still a Category 3.

The next morning I checked the forecast and the storm was downgraded to a 2!  Yes! The weather man described dry air had weakened it. Could the dry air be more of a high vibration entering the storm?  Could be. 

That very night it downgraded to category 1 and went ashore in Wrightsville Beach NC. Remember the forecast said it would go ashore as a Category 3 or 4!

Now for you skeptics out there, you’ll be thinking this is a coincidence.

In my line of work there are no coincidences, things happen for a reason and if you put enough focused intent on something it will manifest.  Only experience with this will allow you to feel this is the truth. That’s why I encourage you to practice in your way, even with affecting the weather. 

Of course, I contacted many energy healers and lightworkers in my tribe and I reached out to them as well to work on it. 

Do you need permission?  I would say no. As a human you have permission.  We live here and this our home, if we want to help others we always have the green light.  Permission is in how you feel, does it feel right? Are you helping others? Then yes, do what you can! 

On September 14th the Hurricane came ashore and I was  in Georgia waiting out the storm. We decided to go swimming in the pool and one of my favorite things to do is float on the water and watch the clouds.  The storm had picked up the wind I was watching the cumulus clouds go one way and the cirrus clouds move more slowly in the background. I blocked the sun with my hand and saw a short little rainbow arc right above me. I had my entire family find it and look at it. It stayed for about 10 minutes. 

For me rainbows mean two things: joy and “good job.”  I am grateful to do the work that I do and grateful to be at service and Spirit let me know that. 

PS I waited a while to post this out of respect for those affected by the Hurricane Florence, especially North Carolina and northern South Carolina who experienced historic flooding.  At this moment Hurricane Michael is heading toward the panhandle. You all know what to do now 🙂

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