Go Big or Go Home: How I Cleared All Lost souls at a Local Civil War Battlefield

Before I can tell you how I cleared a battlefield, I have to tell you the back story.  I promise, it’s good, so hang in there.

Recently, I was told by another intuitive that she could see me standing at a door but not walking through.  She said, “You seem to think this door is heavy, it is not.  It’s light, like a screen door.”  So what do I do? I do a shamanic journey.  My request?  Let’s see what’s on the other side of the door.

When I conduct a shamanic journey, I enter a door in the Tree of Life.  Then I make my request while I am inside the tree and then I exit out of the tree on the other side.  Once I exit, I am in another dimension, the dimension of Spirit.  In this particular journey, I exited and found myself at the bottom of the ocean.  I see two mermaids approach me and I look at myself and I am a mermaid too!  They swim up to me and grab me under the arms and take me toward an island.  It’s a small tropical island with an enormous volcano on the top.  Once I get near to the beach, my fin turns into feet and I walk upon the sand.  Ahead of me is a path through the volcano and to the other side of the island.  I follow the path.

On the other side, to my left is a brilliant white unicorn.  She is familiar to me, a guide, and I hop onto her back for a ride.  She starts running at a frenetic speed counter clockwise around the island.  She moves so fast that my vision becomes blurry.  We reach the top of the volcano and she stops.  I hop off and look out into the blue ocean and I am surprised to see that I am not alone.

Looking toward me, surrounding the island is a sea of faces, hundreds, maybe thousands.  This is curious, I think to myself.  What are they all doing here?  And it dawns on me, they are stuck here.  Whenever I am working in a spiritual dimension and encounter a soul, or in this case, souls that need crossing over, I do so. 

Intuitively I knew what to do.  I told them,” Lift your arms up.  Look up and you will see an opening in the sky full of light.”  As they all gazed up, a portal opened in the sky.  This portal is full of light and love, sometimes it appears as a tunnel– that all-familiar tunnel that people describe when they have a near death experience. 

From experience, I know once they see the light and focus their attention on it; the light pulls them like a magnet.  They really don’t have to do anything.  ​


I watched all these souls get pulled up into the light with a big swoosh and they were all gone.  The light in the sky closed. 

I returned to the beach and saw the Tree of Life there, on the sand.  This is a sign that my journey is over. I entered the tree and exited back to the 3rd dimension (Earth right now).  But before I returned to myself, I saw Isis, the Egyptian goddess and ascended master.  I am very familiar with Isis and have seen her a lot in my meditations and journeys recently.  I greeted her and asked, “Do you have a message for me?” 

​She said, “Yes.  Go big or go home.”

Ok.  I get it.  Spirit doesn’t want me to think small, they want me to think big.  It’s great that I can guide individual souls into the light, but they clearly showed me I can guide many more, hundreds or even thousands into the light all once (by the way the technical word for this ability is psychopump). 

Fast forward a few weeks and I spoke to my friend Theresa about this journey.  We took Shamanism classes for over a year together and she is literally my Reiki grandmother (she attuned my Reiki teacher, who attuned me).  And coincidentally enough, we all have the ability to moves souls into the light. 

Theresa lives 15 minutes away from Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg MD.  For those of you who don’t know, the battle of Antietam was the bloodiest one day battle of the Civil War.  Over 22,000 people lost their lives that day. 

And she says, let’s clear the Antietam Battlefield.

Umm what?  Oh crap!

But yeah OK!

This was my line of thinking.  Was this scary?  Yes. Was this also exciting? Yes. 

So we set a date: March 10, 2016.  The night before we met, I started to run through my head what to do and I got more and more excited.  Just for fun, I added up the numbers of the date to since to see if numerology was on our side.  And it was!  March 10th breaks down to 3 plus 1 equals 4, which is an angel number.  Add up all the numbers of the date 3+10+2+0+1+6 = 22= 4.  Still an angel number!

So you must be wondering…how did we do it?  What happened?  What did we see, feel, hear?  Well I am about to tell you all the juicy details…​

Antietam Battlefield, view from the tower

When we arrived at Theresa’s house, we saged ourselves. Burning sage clears negative energy and prepares us for spiritual work, which we were about to do.  We gathered up our tools: crystals, Tibetan bells, a drum, a rattle and cornmeal (used to bless the earth with). 

We drove through rolling hills and the pretty countryside.  As we drove into the boundary of the battlefield and the town of Sharpsburg, the energy changed right away.  I felt a seriousness and solemnness to the energy.  Theresa felt it too.

We drove to a tower where we could see sweeping views of the battlefield.  It was really very beautiful.  We took it all in.  I was seeing flashes of Civil war soldiers, some looking at us from the field, others looking down at us from the tower. 
It was a breezy day.  I felt the breeze was there to help us, to sweep all the stagnant and sad energy of this place away. 

When we climbed back down, we felt an energy change once again right before I made the final step.  For a quick moment I felt dizzy like I was going to miss the step.  Theresa felt this too.  By the way it’s so awesome to be with someone who feels the same energetic changes as me.  It’s validating and exciting at the same time. 

Theresa pointed out to me the part of the battlefield where most of the deaths took place (5,500 soldiers died here in a four hour period).  It’s called Bloody Lane. Just thinking about it gave me the shivers.  I knew we had to the do the clearing on this lane.  

Bloody Lane, Antietam Battlefield

We gathered all our tools from the car, mindful of not to attract attention to us.  We decided not to bring the drum for this reason.  There were a few people walking around but for the most part, it was quiet. As we walked into the lane, I started to feel strange.  My feet felt like it was sticking to the ground, the energy was sticky.  We continued and my knees felt shaky and weird…Theresa felt the same and we decided to stop right there.  We chose a spot to the right near the fence and sat together, laying some crystals down between us. 

Theresa drew a circle of protection around us and we grounded ourselves and started our beginning prayer, requesting that our angels, spirit guides and all beings of higher power come and assist us.  I requested specifically Archangel Michael, protector; Archangel Azrael, the archangel of transition between life and death and Archangel Gabriel to come and assist us.  I spoke the prayer and clearing out loud, Theresa added some things but she more noted what she saw and felt via Spirit. It went something like this,

“We acknowledge what has happened here.  We appreciate the sacrifice that you have made here.  We acknowledge your presence and ask that you let us help you if you are lost or stuck here.”

We started to sense the presence of souls approach.  Theresa saw soldiers, mostly Confederate, and women and children started walking toward us.  When I felt them draw near, I addressed them.

“If you are stuck here and if you are trying to find the way home, we will help you find the light.  Turn around and look, you will see a light.  The more you look at it, the more it will grow.  This is your home.  Your family is waiting for you with welcoming arms.  It’s time to go home.  You don’t need to stay here anymore.  Do not let anyone tell you that you must stay. (Theresa and I believe some humans want ghosts to stay, maybe even for entertainment purposes).  Your true home is in the light, just look at it and it will pull you.”

The light appeared to my upper left and at that very moment the sun started to emerge from the clouds.  I didn’t see this but I felt it while I had my eyes closed.  I saw soul after soul head toward the light from my right.  Theresa said she saw horses, which suffered and died on the battlefield, go into the light.  I saw an angry soldier with his shot gun and I spoke to him.

“You are allowed to stay if you want.  But I tell you, your true home is in the light.  There is peace and only love there.  You’ve done your job, we appreciate your sacrifice, we acknowledge your presence.  We urge you to go home now, and rest eternally within the light.”

As I sensed him leave we waited.  The last souls I saw to enter the light were a few birds.  Theresa sighed and then I sighed.  The portal of light closed.  We sat there, basking in our accomplishment, noting how the energy felt different now, lighter and happier.  I asked my pendulum if we cleared everything and it confirmed yes. 

We took some time to Reiki the Earth as well.  Giving her healing energy, acknowledging what has been done here and asking her to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

We got up and spread cornmeal in a circle around where we performed the ceremony. 

And that’s how we did it.  It was a glorious day indeed.  Blessed be and so it is. 

When we returned back to Theresa’s house, we saged ourselves and did multiple clearings on ourselves so we wouldn’t carry any energy that is not ours.  As I showered I imagined all the energy of the ceremony clearing off of me and my chakras cleared of any energy that is not mine.  Also I went out and did my nightly prayers outside before I went to bed.  I stood barefoot in the grass, connected with Mother Earth and grounded and cleared myself.  

Sound like overkill?  Better to be cautious, especially since neither of us ever conducted such a large clearing before.  

Also, here’ s disclaimer: don’t try this at home.  Both Theresa and I are trained energy healers, experienced mediums and practice shamanism.  We understand how Spirit works and are familiar with clearing rituals.  If you need help clearing your home or land, we can certainly help you with that. Contact me via email or phone.   

For more information on Theresa and her book Equipose, check out her Facebook page or visit her website