Mary Finds Peace


As promised, here’s an update on the little spirit ghost named Mary that I first met in my basement.

So my intuition was right about these spirits visiting places like the basement.  I have since learned that there are certain places within a house and in nature that are portals to spirit (including elementals like fairies).  In a house, these places are the basement, the attic, hallways and closets.  In nature, they are at the edge of waterways (like oceans, lakes and creeks), when you see a space or hole in the fog, puddles that you may find in a hollowed-out log etc.  You get the picture.

So the horror movies were right about these places, except the other stuff about ghosts are totally wrong.  But that’s another blog post!

Another thing that has changed about me since this last post is I no longer feel hesitant about communicating with spirits.  I figure they need my help and so I will be there for them.  They are, after all, coming to me for a reason.  And a spirit always has a reason.  They don’t just show up randomly!  They always, always have a message, either for you or someone else.  Or they may have a question, or they may be simply lost or confused. 

Now, about Mary.  She always seemed positive and loving up until May 2014 when I vacationed in Spain and I met her dark side.  My husband and I took a guided tour of Spain for a week and a half.  It was my second visit and his first.  In the first few days I started experiencing menstrual-like cramping.  The curious thing was, my period was nowhere near to starting.  Nothing alleviated the cramping. ​

When we returned home, it never let up.  I visited my doctor, had an ultrasound done and everything came out normal.  I ruled out a physical cause so I knew the cause must be spiritual. 

After a month of this, I called a local shaman to help.  Before the shaman met me, she said she saw a vision of a baby.  She asked me if I was planning on having another baby.  Well, no.  I was done.  She said this spirit attached to me in my naval area and she was angry because she wanted to be born.  Then I knew this was Mary. 

This was confusing because the Mary I knew was sweet and loving.  But the shaman told me this was a dark side to her, the good side of her may not even know this dark part of herself.  So the healer talked with her and even though she didn’t want to detach from me, she reluctantly did.  The healer advised me not to invite her back or try to communicate with her and I never did until a few months ago.  And the cramping stopped soon after my healing session. 

I read a fantastic book by Steven farmer called Healing Your Ancestral Karma.  In the book he describes a place called the Land of Ancestors.  I immediately wanted to visit this place so I conducted a shamanic journey to the Land of Ancestors.  Lo and behold, I saw my father, my paternal grandparents, my great grandmother and…Mary.  Mary was standing next to my father, holding his hand (lucky girl).

I hesitantly spoke to her last, and asked her how she was.  She said she was doing well, and she was spending a lot of time with my (and her) family on the Other Side.  She said she was sorry for causing me trouble.  I told her it was OK, no harm done.  She said after the cramping incident, the angels took her away to a healing place.  She said, now she prefers to stay in the light rather than visit earth.  She seemed at peace.