Part 3 of My Story: Fear Almost Stopped Me From Pursuing My Passion

Facing my fear aka worrying about what others thought

In my last blog post, I described how I transitioned from my government career to mother but I still had that nagging feeling that there was something more. I had just discovered the metaphysical work of healing and magic, but there was one problem.  

I was scared.  

My fear almost stopped me from doing this healing work.  I found that I had so many experiences I wanted to share with the world, and contemplated starting a blog.  But I was afraid of the trolls, criticizers or that people would attack me and say that I was crazy, fake or a witch. 

You know what happened to witches in the past, right?  

The Critics Were Awfully Quiet

But guess what? I never got that kind of flack.  People read my blog and sometimes they commented but I’ve never been criticized.

My mentor told me that she never had a problem with her blog and then she said, “Don’t expect a problem and you won’t have a problem.  So I didn’t. 

Simple as that.  

Not to say that I didn’t have reservations on posting my content, especially with my family and friends.  

But this was a new normal for me and I was and am divinely supported.  

In my next installment of my story, I made a decision to go on with my healing work and stuck with it.