My Story Part 2: A Time of Transition and Change

The author in 2005, the same year she left her government job

Yesterday, I described why I had to walk away from my government career.   Everything I had tried in the government did not end well, especially my last job where I discovered a male manager was sexually harassing his female staffers and I ended up with a burst appendix.  Now I was jobless and pursuing motherhood.

I took my time off from working by exploring being a home stager for a while, but because I had a baby and no reliable babysitter, it wasn’t a convenient for for me as a new mom. So motherhood it was.  And I was so much happier than I was in my government career so I felt I made the right choice.  

The Universe also validated my my choices by allowing my husband and I to pay off two cars and my student loan while I stayed home with my children.  But I always had this nagging thought, I am here for a reason, what is it?  What am I supposed to be doing?  I am here to help but how?  

There are Real Psychics Out There

I had a friend who was into metaphysical subjects and just recently became a Reiki Master.  She heard that a psychic was in town and giving readings and both her and I signed up together for moral support.  This psychic reading blew my mind, especially because I finally talked to my father who passed away in 1991.  The psychic was accurate about everything. Everything. 

I wanted to know more.  I started reading every book I could find on reincarnation, channeling, psychics, mediumship etc.  I read them all and did every exercise in the books. I wrote copious notes on everything I read. 

In 2014, I found a teacher who taught the Tarot.  In this class, I discovered I was a medium and began training with her.  For the next two years, I learned everything she could teach me, including Shamanism and Reiki.  

I Learned That I Was a Natural Psychic/Medium and Healer 

Everything I could try in this arena I could do and do it quite well.  And it was fun!  I was excited and thrilled.  And when I did readings or energy healing, I noticed it helped people. I could see on their face the difference, they went from stressed to looking happy, relaxed and peaceful.  

I knew I found my calling and nothing was going to stop me now.  

Let’s say I opened the door and entered it, and never turned back. 

Stay tuned for part-3-of-my-story.html when fear almost stopped me in my tracks.