Paranormal Highlights of My New Orleans Trip

Jackson Square ©Stargazing Angel

Yup I’ve been silent on my blog lately.  I still continue to work and learn but I have been doing big stuff: working, clearing and attuning energy lines and sacred places.

Some of you are thinking, what?  And others will read what I just wrote and say yes, I know what this means.

So I haven’t been writing about that particular line of work but I will someday when I feel compelled to share and do so.

In the meantime, I want to share with you my experiences on my latest trip to New Orleans (NOLA). It’s one of my favorite cities and this is actually my 4th visit and the 1st after Hurricane Katrina. We stayed in French Quarter across from the Louis Armstrong Park (this is significant and will mention again later). 

The French Quarter seems to be stuck in time and I really like that about New Orleans. In fact, I like any city that seems stuck in time, like Florence, Italy.  There are parts of French Quarter that are rowdy and full of partiers, like on Bourbon Street, and other parts that are really quiet like the area we stayed in.

New Orleans has the air of realness to it, unlike the other party city Las Vegas.  There’s lot going on in New Orleans, a lot of buzz and activity and yes, if you are wondering, paranormal activity.  There are a ton of ghost tours and even a vampire tour.

You know I didn’t partake in any of that because I had some encounters myself!

The day before I left for New Orleans, I thought, hmmm maybe I should get a guidebook.  It has been 14 years since I last visited! As I was reading it through, I read about Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen of New Orleans. I didn’t know much about her but she combined some Catholic rituals with voodoo.  She was also part of an all women congregation. 

 Marie Laveau, Voodoo Museum © Stargazing Angel

As we were taking a cab to the hotel, I got this overwhelming feeling someone or some being wanted to communicate with me.  It was Marie Laveau.  She knew that I was planning to clear the city of wayward spirits (I do this everywhere I go) and she wanted to support me in this endeavor.  I accepted her help and planned to have her present later when I conducted the ceremony. 

If there was ever an embodiment of feminine goddess power it would be Marie.  In fact she holds that that energy for the city of New Orleans.

I stayed in a hotel across the street from Louis Armstrong Park.  We didn’t explore the park right away and when did, it was a wee bit disappointing.  There were many buildings and not a lot of green space. 

But I stumbled upon an unexpected gem in there.

We found the Congo Square located in the park!  According to the official website, “Formerly known as Place de Negres, it took its name from the tradition of slaves who gathered there on Sundays, their day off, to sing, beat drums, sell home-made goods, and celebrate.”  But even before it was a gathering place for slaves, this spot was chosen for ceremony by the local Native American tribes.

Congo Square, Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans © Stargazing Angel​

Well, well, well I just stumbled upon a sacred spot in New Orleans.  Every sacred place has one or more energy portals within it.  I decided to find the center of it and luckily for me, the designers had created a swirl design of pavers on the ground, and the center was clearly marked. 

©Stargazing Angel

A little side note here, as I typed the previous sentence one of my herbal tincture bottles full of Echinacea exploded all over my shelf.  It scared me enough to jump and I had to stop writing this blog post to clean it all up.  I chuck it up to the ancestors trying to get my attention and then of course I burned Palo Santo incense and cleared and blessed my office space.  Later I connected with a voodoo  priest that actually squeezed the bottle so it exploded.  He didn’t want me writing about Congo Square but it’s not like it’s a secret, the plaque clearly states what went on it in there.  Of course I sent him into the light as well.

I know that this may trigger some fear in my readers, since voodoo has gotten a bad rap.  Just know that I have taken my full power as a human being and shaman when dealing with the spirit world and know how to handle such wayward spirits.

As I was saying…I located the center of the Congo Square and stood right there.  When you stand in a vortex, keep your body very relaxed and loose.  Close your eyes and keep your arms to your side.  The vortex of energy will pull you, sometimes forward, sometimes backward.  That’s how you know you found it.  I plan on doing such activities in my future sacred journey and retreats, the first I am planning in the Yucatan Mexico next year.  If you would like to know when that will happen and sign up for updates special to my subscribers, click here

Tree at the Congo Square © Stargazing Angel

We did a lot of walking around the French Quarter and happened upon an adorable art shop.  I had forgotten how Catholic NOLA was and there were mini paintings of Catholic saints, many of them women.

This caught my attention.

I saw that someone had purchased a mini painting of Joan of Arc and started to pick up each piece, looking on the back for an identification of which saint it was. And to my surprise and delight, I found a painting of Mary Magdalene.  And of course I had to bring it home.

Artist Christina Miller 1995 ©Stargazing Angel

When I visited France last year, I saw many statues and souvenirs of Saint Mary Magdalene but hardly ever seen anything in the United States. 

I ended up doing the clearing and blessing of the city from my hotel room (in retrospect, should have carved out time at the Congo Square).  Alas, I was pretty tired from all the walking and sightseeing so the hotel room it was!

One night we made a reservation at the restaurant Muriel’s.  Before we left for NOLA, I had made several reservations at a few restaurants since one goes to NOLA to eat.  It is located in a beautiful building in the French Quarter with a lot of history and serves as the inspiration for the restaurant in Princess and the Frog.  In another serendipitous moment, I learned the restaurant was rumored to be haunted by the previous building owner Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan who committed suicide. To this day the restaurant sets a table for him that is located in a back room near the stairs and anyone can view it. 

Ghost Table at Muriel’s. Source:

When I connected with him he was already in the light but liked to visit.  This made sense because people have seen a sparkly white light in the restaurant and that was him.  Others have seen dark shadows and those are most likely wayward spirits.

I asked the waiter about the ghosts.  He said there was one a few years back that used to throw glasses across the bar.  Although I had not walked around the restaurant, I intuitively felt that the bar was located in the back to my left.  Later while I looked for the restrooms I found out that I was right. 

Whatever it was, this wayward spirit was not a nice one.  I quickly led it into the light on the other side. 

After dinner, I asked the host where the ghost table was.  He said that it was in the back, by the stairs.  He also said we were welcome to go to the 2nd floor and look around.  The 2nd floor was extremely cold and it’s where they used to hold séances.  I didn’t pick up on anything there as I was ready to leave and just exploring.

Seance room at Muriel’s. Source:

So all this occurred in just a four day trip to New Orleans.  If you ever visit, make sure you stop by Congo Square and Muriel’s.  It’s a beautiful place to explore, eat wonderful food and interact with the paranormal if you so choose.

If you have paranormal activity in your home or property and want to find out exactly who it is, contact me.  I do clearings and blessings of property.  For more information on what this process entails click here.