Part 1 of My Story: a Low Point

The author in 2001, when she worked for the federal government

Have you ever walked away from everything you worked for?  After earning a Master’s degree and working at a government career for eight years at four different agencies, I had to walk away from it all or I thought I would die.  In fact, I almost did. And thank Goddess I did, because I would become happier than ever, and in time, find my true calling.  

In 2005, I worked at my very last full time job for the government.  I earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration because I always wanted to help people and I thought government work would accomplish this (I mean certainly working for a private corporation was not going to help anyone right?). I had high aspirations but the most difficult part?  The people I worked with! 

I had just discovered that a male manager in my office had been sexually harassing his staff for years, even sleeping with some of them.  I couldn’t believe it, yet I could, because he seemed sleazy that way.  I told the wrong person (one of his attractive young staffers) and she spilled the beans.  

My Female Boss Betrayed All Women

Suddenly I was the one in trouble.  I found something out that wasn’t supposed to get out and unfortunately my boss took HIS side, the man who had been sexually harassing his staffers for years.  I was disappointed that my boss, a woman, took his side.  Not only did I feel betrayed, but I felt like she betrayed all women.  

How could she stick up for him?  Why would you protect a man who sexually harassed women?  It didn’t make any sense.  

Suddenly I felt like I was on the chopping block and I was.  I was new to the department and expendable…I was still within my one year probation as a new hire. 

My boss made sure that I got fired within that time frame. 

The Cat That Caught the Canary Becomes the Scapegoat

This job, and its crazy circumstances, was the last of many disappointing jobs in government.  I wasn’t able to help people at all.  I was besieged by rules, regulations, agendas, politics and reputation. 

I was a cat that accidentally caught the canary, and I was surrounded by other cats who wanted to destroy me and the canary, at the same time. They wanted to wipe me, and my discovery of their dirty little secret, out for good.  Naively I tried to hang in there, all the while feeling trapped and powerless.  

I lost so much power that my solar plexus chakra, the energetic center of my power, literally leaked out of my appendix.  My appendix burst and I ended up in the hospital for a week.  I returned to work but the feeling of being trapped and powerless didn’t go away. I really had no choice but to leave.  

Leaving My Job Was a Matter of Life and Death

My appendicitis said, “leave or die.”  I got the message loud and clear.  So I happily left that job and decided to have a family.  I knew I was unhappy with my work in the government and although I invested in years of education and time, I had to walk away. The Universe was clearly saying “this is not the path for you.” 

Do you want to know how I became a Psychic Medium and Energy Energy Healer and how that they came to pass?  In my next blog post I will describe the next step of my journey.