Repeating Numbers: What Do they Mean

Around the year 2000, I started to see 11:11 on the clock a lot.   A few years ago I found a website on Sacred Numbers that explained the significance of repeating numbers.  Doreen Virtue also has a book on angel numbers.  She has an Angel Numbers app you can download to your cell phone so you can quickly look up the meaning of repeating numbers or any other numbers that stand out to you.  If you google repeating numbers, you will get a ton of hits.

I have since learned that 11:11 means wake up call.  It’s time to wake up to your true purpose in life.  

A year ago I had a dream that I bought a beach house for $215, what a bargain right?  That number stuck in my mind. Using numerology, add up 215 equals 8, which was last year’s number for all of us (2015).  In numerology, eight represents the great equalizer between the material and nonmaterial worlds. None of this really resonated with me.

So for a year I wondered what this number meant.

I recently finished a wonderful trilogy by Gloria Amendola called Mary Magdalene: Messages from a 1st Century Avatar, Books 1-3. I am fascinated by Mary Magdalene because she is the epitome of the wronged woman.  Everything we have learned about her is false.  If you’d like to learn who she really is, read the books.  

I have seen and conversed with Mary Magdalene a few times in my meditations and spiritual journeys.  I learned in Amendola’s books that the sacred number for Mary or Maria is 152!  Just 215 in a different order.  I was blown away.  It’s a clearly a sign that Mary, whether Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene, was sending me messages.  

So what repeating number have you been seeing?  Do some investigating.  Google it or find the numerology meaning. Does it resonate?  It may take a while to figure out but hang in there. Have faith, you may run across something that explains what it means!