Proof that the Universe Has Your Back: the Signs are All Around You.

There’s two ways to approach life: the belief that the universe has your back or that the world is out to get you.  Believe it or not, it’s your choice what kind of world you choose to live in.

I grew up around people who would think of the worst case scenario and felt they were being cautious and smart about their decisions.  As long as you thought of the worst case scenario, you are prepared for anything right? However, I have learned that this type of thinking is a slippery slope.  I now know that words are “spells” and whatever you say and think the universe hears as request.  Given this universal rule, is thinking of the worst case scenario smart or are you just sabotaging yourself?

As a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner of several energy healing modalities, my clients are not always people.  Sometimes I travel to destinations in order to offer energy healing to the land.  I do not get paid for this (unless a client asks me to come to their home to clear and bless it), yet I feel it is my calling to do this work because it helps the planet and all the living beings on it. 

And I receive plenty of thanks and validation from Spirit for doing this work.

When I was in France two years ago I visited a fascinating little church called Cubieres Sur Noble in the Languedoc region.  It once was attached to a monastery but only the church remained.  Interesting side note is Jesus’ family had traveled to France and lived near Mount Bacharach not too far away.  They established an Essenes monastery in the area…could this have been the same monastery?

We visited this church twice.  It felt quite mysterious.  The altar was a powerful spot but as you looked from the altar to the back of the church, it angled to the left at the last minute, a curious alignment.  The Knights of Templar and Cathar energies here were very strong.  I saw visions of them meeting here, strategizing and protecting the Magdalene teachings and sacred artifacts. 

My tourmates, who were gifted healers themselves, and I decided to perform a ceremony in this church to wake up and align its energies.  After we were done, the sun suddenly came out and shined through the stain glass window to the floor.

Sun shines through stain glass window at Cubieres church after the completion of ceremony. Copyright Stargazing Angel

A “sign” of thank you for the work that we did.

After 10 days of lots of high energetic work in France, we were driving to our last destination when we saw a rainbow next to Mount Bacharach.  Another sign, since a rainbow is a thank you for doing good work. 

Rainbow appears next to Mount Bacharach on last day of my France trip, 2017. Copyright Stargazing Angel 

In December I did some clearing work at a local haunted jail and as we were wrapping up the work a large hawk sat on a telephone pole in front of the jail the whole time we were there.  One of my power animals is a hawk so a fortuitous sign of gratitude from the spirit realm.  

​I had a particularly powerful mediumship session with a couple and it started raining before they left.  In a matter of minutes a beautiful rainbow appeared.  Another sign from spirit that “good work” was accomplished. 

Rainbow appears after mediumship session with a client. Copyright Stargazing Angel 

So in the end, no I don’t get paid for this work, but as you know, it’s not about the money…it’s about the good karma and energy put out into the world that you receive several times over in return. 

One week from today I will traveling to Mexico to ancient sites. I look forward to doing some energy healing work in those places and seeing the “signs” that will appear afterwards in support of this endeavor. 

Have you received any encouraging signs from spirit? Comment below.  I would love to hear them!