It’s Possible to Feel Peaceful and Relaxed

Recently I interviewed another Reiki Master teacher on my podcast about the healing wonders of Reiki and it got me thinking about the benefits of Reiki. For those of you who are not familiar with what Reiki is, Reiki means universal life force in Japanese.  Invented in the early 1900s, the founder Makao Usui combined hand placements with sacred healing symbols to help people heal from their ailments. 

Although Reiki and healing are solidly intertwined, Reiki provides a basic benefit that we all need more of in this world: feelings of peace and relaxation. How many of you have felt peaceful lately? How many of you have felt relaxed lately?  Do you remember the last time you felt at peace or relaxed?  Sadly for many of you, it was a long time ago, or you might not be able to recall the last time you felt this way!

After treating hundreds of clients with energy healing, I often wish that people could see the change in my clients that I see.  I have had clients enter my office crying, upset, riled up and anxious.  One hundred percent of the time they leave feeling more relaxed and peaceful. The before and after pictures would be amazing! 

Why does Reiki help you feel more relaxed and peaceful?  Studies of Reiki practitioners and receivers show that both go into an alpha brain wave state. The alpha brain wave occurs when a person is in a state of relaxation or meditation.  The Reiki practitioner creates a state of calmness and relaxation by focusing on giving Reiki and, just by proximity, the client or receiver goes into a similar state as well. Quantum physics shows that two separate particles can affect and synchronize with each other, so why not two people near each other? 

The ramifications of this is mind boggling because that means we each have the ability to affect another person’s brain wave state just by being near them, or as you learn in Reiki Level 2, you can send Reiki to a person across the globe or to events in the past or future which means you CAN affect people or animals at a distance as well as change the past and future! 

That being said, we are living in a world that is really stressful and chaotic so there is a desperate need for Reiki practitioners who can help their clients, friends and family achieve this relaxed and peaceful state. 

The wonderful news is ANYONE can learn Reiki. If you would like to become a more advanced Reiki practitioner, all it takes is practice to move up the Reiki Levels!  If you finish your journey all the way to Reiki Master Teacher, you can teach others to give Reiki!  As author and Reiki Master Teacher Diane Stein once said, “Every family needs a healer.”

Let’s take the benefits of feeling peaceful and relaxed even further.  When one is peaceful and relaxed, your muscles in your body relax, which means any tension and pain held in the body is released. Reiki is wonderful for chronic pain. Who doesn’t need more peace, relaxation and less pain in their life? 

I’ve been working hard on providing my Reiki classes online for anyone to take!  They are now available on my website Click here to learn more. In addition, I teach in person classes in Summerville SC as well and I have Reiki 1, 2, 3/Master and Teacher certification classes coming up in the next couple of months.

If you want to experience Reiki for yourself, I have one and one and distance Reiki sessions available.